Adding a visualizer gives your listeners something interesting to look at when enjoying your song. So here 20 Music Visualizer Video After Effects Templates that will definitely spice up your party and engage your audience.

by Kosmos

These music visualization templates are perfect for making a music video with abstract audio reactive visuals. You can use them for your music promotion on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video service.

Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer

by Red_Box

Are you looking for something great to promote your cool audio tracks on YouTube or Vimeo, or even TV show? Music Visualizer Templates is what you need! Gather together your own Music Visualizer, just choose audio spectrum and additional visualizer, select timeline element, put your favorite picture or video, add logo and enjoy your creation!

Music Visualizer

by danywalker

It is a very cool and fun audio-reactive After Effects Template, full of music visualization elements. Using the combination of particles systems, 3d elements, audio spectrums and 2d animations. It is the perfect tool to make your music visuals look amazing and very dynamic. You can use it to visualize your audio tracks and promote your music production on media channels like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

TrapWix Music Visualizer Pack

by graphicINmotion

This audio-reactive, abstract, particle style audio visualizer is perfect to visualize your music production on media channels like youtube, vimeo, etc.

Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer

by Gesh-tv

It is After Effects template which include 30 original visualizations which react to your sound. All created inside After Effects, no any pre-renderers or imported footages. You need just import your music and choose visualization you like.

Music Visualizer Kit

by BoxMotion

This project inludes 21 Audio Waveform Music React. All the animations are driven by your music track, no third party plugins are required.

Audio Visualizer Music React

by ImperialFX

With Neon Music Visualizer you can create realistic neon signs that react to your songs! The vivid colors and the audio reactive effect make your beats stand out. And if you want to go beyond the 4 pre-made templaes, with just a few simple shapes you can create your own unique visuals.

Neon Music Visualizer Audio React

by Light-Studio

Visualizing your music. Use included tunnel background or your photo, motion background. Also suitable for watermark to video.

Circle Spectrum Music Visualizer

by ProSpectrum

This project includes 18 Audio Spectrum Music Visualizers. All the animations are driven by your music track. Easy to use. Add Your audio, background image and you are done. Use this for Youtube Channels, Audio React, Audio Visualization, Waveform and Music Spectrum Equalizer.

Clean Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer

by constantium

These music visualization templates are perfect for making a music video with abstract audio reactive visuals.

Audio React Music Visualizer 3D

by Light-Studio

Shooting video, drag&drop music, track camera, choose music visualization presets, customizing position, lights, colors, depth of field and Render!

3D Music Visualizer in Your Video v2.0

by DEM-G

This is Adobe After Effects CS5 (and above) template which will help you to visualize your music. It based on music frequency and waveform. No keyframes or third-party plug-ins are engaged here. Just import your audio file, put musician and song names, add album label and you are ready to go!

Audio React DJ Turntable Music Visualizer

by RebornStudio

Now your sound tracks will look the best wherever you need to present them. As on your youtube channel and on the screens of open air or nightclub. Your audience will be able to immerse themselves in your music and feel it not only by ears but also the eyes.

Musicbot Visualisator and Audio React Background Creator

by First_Step

5 Cassette label design. Duration Control. Easy To Customize. Full Color Control. Easy To Use. Video Tutorial Included.

Cassette Music Visualizer

by NAEL_Studio

HUD Music Visualizer is a perfect template for making an awesome music video.

HUD Music Visualizer

by NeuronFX

Glitch Logo Music Visualizer is a professional audio spectrum distortion opener that adapts to your logo. Add your own logo and music, and your ready to go!

Glitch Logo Music Visualizer

by drev0

Endless Music Visualization 4K Project.

Endless Music Visualization 4K Project

by Allan-Sousa

Flat Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer.

Flat Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer

by ProSpectrum

This project includes 6 Audio Spectrum Music Visualizers and custom hand drawn images.

Hand Drawn Audio Spectrum Music Visualizer

by NAEL_Studio

Futuristic Music Visual.

Futuristic Music Visual