If there`s one area that can be tricky for photographers to get right, it`s knowing how to present work to clients. What`s important to consider is how you can make your work look as appealing as possible. The more appealing a piece of photography is, the more likely you are to make a sale. That`s why, when it comes to how you present your work, it`s so important to ensure that you get it spot on. So if you`re looking for video templates to deliver your photos to the clients, in this post I put together 20 Photographer Presentation After Effects Templates.

Flipping Photo Slideshow – stylish project, created for presenting your photos and thoughts.

by FluxVFX-templates

The 100 Photos Slide Show After Effects CS4 template is a fast paced montage animation perfect for those epic slideshow videos to display your greatest memories from your vacations, road trips, birthdays- anything! Perfectly sized for your instagram photos or use any type of photo or even video you like!

100 Photo Slideshow

by Proskurovskiy

Here is a modern and elegant logo opener. This After Effects Template is suitable for any photography business, portfolio, shootings, corporate promo or any kind of presentation. Very useful for photographers, you might have what to present in your cameras displays or it can help to identity your gallery or channel.

Photo Opener

by BogdanLucian

Suitable for family photos, vacation gallery, photo albums, events, presentations, portfolio for photographers, designers, architects.

Photo Slideshow 3D

by StareTactics

This After Effects project is great a great way to show your photos and videos in a fun new video. It`s great for wedding, travel, friends and family memories. It`s easy to set up, just drop your photos and/ or videos into the placeholders and type in your message into the lower 3rd and you are ready to go.

Stop Motion Photo Slideshow

by PixartStudios

Parallax Slideshow with aerobatic styled lines, smooth and cool blends between layers with nice perspective of curved lines for your next slideshow project.

Parallax Slideshow

by VProxy

This project pack contains 3 different style of video walls flat,cylinder and sphere.Each video wall is given two different type of intros and 3 loop-able video scenes. So there are 6 intro projects and 9 videowall loop scenes. You can add your videos or put your images to use this project to promote your videos or stock footage or stock images and videos.

Video Wall Pack I

by AEbuddy

Make A Slideshow with the help of this beautiful `Photographic Slides` after effects template.

Photography Slides

by aronzblackz

This template best for Photo Gallery, Promotion Showcase, fashion, Urban Photography.

Urban Style

by PixartStudios

This is perfect for showing your any media or photography without any visual distractions.

Elegant Parallax Slideshow

by dearts

Very simple and well organize project. You can easily change the colors in just one simple step. Changing text , drop your media, audio and hit render.

Fashion Slideshow

by vcgmotion

Here is a stylish and dynamic opener project. It is a cool way to show your photos or videos, portfolio, also it works as a title sequence.

Photo Flow - A Dynamic Photo Slideshow

by PauloGalvao

A great photo/video sequence made in After Effects CS4 in HD.

Simple Shots

by 77SEVEN

Make your dynamic photo slide, family photo album, fast slide photo, party slideshow exciting or special events photo & gallery on the beach.

Photo Slideshow


After Effects Template suitable for your media opener, slideshow, presentation, portfolio, gallery and many more, Project is well organized and video tutorial is also included.

Wedding Slideshow

by and911

Will be great for professional photographers portfolio and like family photo album, for photos from your vacations and etc. Cool way to tell your photo story and give pleasure to your friends and loved ones.

Clean Slideshow

by marcobelli

Kinetic Photography is an original evolution of the famous kinetic typography style. The difference? You can use photos instead of words.

Kinetic Photography

by serdarbayrambey

Family Portrait Slideshow.

Family Portrait Slideshow


This is Clean, bright, Elegance and Stylish Slideshow with smooth clean transitions. Use it for fashion show, photo albums, slideshow ,or any other use you can think of.

Clean Slideshow

by betski

This is an elegant, trendy and modern slideshow that brings out your images/footage in an epic way. It uses glass-like transitions and parallax effect on the typography to achieve a more fulfilling presentation of the images/footage. This slideshow is just what you need to deliver your images in an impactful manner. It also has a color preset which can be changed depending on your taste and preferences.

Elegant Slideshow

by superkotenev

This project is a cool way to show your photos or videos. The project is perfect for backstage, photographer or studio portfolio.

Photo Shoot Pro