Using After Effects video explainer is always a great way to inform about your product, startup or service. Your video is a reflection of your brand`s personality. It`s also a chance to make a great first impression on potential customers. So if you want to use a 2D & 3D character based animation, here are 20 best After Effects Templates for making explainer video for a new product, service, or startup.

by Taerar

It is the biggest and the most advanced template for explainer videos avaliable today. With explainer video toolkit 3 you can build unique, engaging and professional explainer videos for almost any kind of business. This new version is so easy to use, that majority of time you only need to drag and drop elements or animation presets into your scenes. It has a clean trendy design so it is easy to find and buy more high quality graphics for your story from other artists! It is easy to use even for beginners.

Explainer Video Toolkit 3

by motionvids

This flat vector style toolkit can be the perfect business explainer or presentation for your company. May your company be a big corporate business or a small freelance shop, this video can work for a wide range of purposes. You can also use it to show off your design work or other portfolios depending on the branche you are in. With this organized package you can create your own promo videos in no time. You will have full control over the character its appearance. You can change its hair style, skin color, clothing style and perhaps add in some additional elements such as glasses, a scarf, a mustache and so on.

Character Promo Kit

by creartdesign

Just design your character then load it into After Effects and enjoy the animation with your fully rigged character! However you can use the 8 included unique characters we designed

Rigmo - Rigged Character Animation Mockup

by flasheasy

Create catchy explainer videos with the help of this unique modular animation kit.

Bobby - Character Animation DIY Pack

by snowcake

This is an amazing template with professional hand drawn illustrations. Stand out with these colored illustrations. The characters are shaded and very very detailed

Create Your Story Whiteboard Character Pack

by YaroFlasher

It allows you to make your own animated promos/explainer/commercials videos with amazing stickman.

Explainer Video Stickmania

by VidAdBox

Character City is a template designed with an explainer video professional in mind. Anyone that has engaged clients to make explainer or product video marketing has seen the challenges of creating a story, designing a storyboard and completing an animated video on tight budgets and short deadlines.

Explainer Video ToolKit : Character City V2

by Premiumilk

It helps to promote the benefits of service or company. This is especially good for a company explainer.

Character Design Animation Toolkit

by NeuronFX

Simple to use, yet powerful, to achieve amazing results! It automatically animates your characters, and with 100+ animations it is certainly the best animation toolkit you can find!

Ultimate Character Animation Toolkit

by 2DeadFrog

With Pictogram character kit you will have a complete set of tools to personalise and create great character animations for any situations.

Pictogram Character Kit

by Motionkof

Excellent project to promote your business, product or service, with this awesome video you can explain to your customers the benefits that they can get.

Promote Your Business / Product / Service

by Adleh

This template comes with six video tutorials make it easy even for After Effects beginners to use the package and create their own whiteboard stories.

Whiteboard Animation Pack For Promotion Videos

by VidnoaDesign

With this template you can make alive characters with and you can give them realastic movements of human. You can composite the movements and make animation easily.

Animaker Lab

by Moriscopy

The Clean & stylish character lip-syncs and presentation to your voice. Flexible movements and images presented by the characters exert a strong pull for viewer. This full 3D character can simply join your project. With only After Effects.

Presentation With Cathy: Office Uniform

by Denys_Almaral

Simply drag and drop the 3d scenes to the readymade free scenes that comes with the template, or use one of the existing promotions!

Explain It With Mister Clearly

by AhmeddAshraf

Have you ever dreamed to make your explainer video like playing a game? Your dream come true! And all inside Adobe After Effects.

Character Maker - Explainer Video Toolkit

by KaijuStock

Good one for explaining a problem or presentation for your business. Prepared and ready to be filled with your content, quickly and easy – create your own unique story!

Martin 3D Character - Man Presenter/Manager Product Promotion

by motioncraver

Explain and promote a product tool or service with this modular video template. Add your own text, images, music etc and mix and match over 575 drawings. Perfect for back to school, college recruitment, training videos, and any story with an education theme.

School Days Toolkit

by YaroFlasher

It`s a 100% rigged character, who will become your homie. You can change him as you want! Hair style, moustache, beard, colours and much much more. There are 35 templated scenes with Attractive animation, based on 12 Principles of Disney. Almost all of them have a loop. So Forget about timing! Choose one of 10 proposed models or create your own. Every scene is well organised which can help you to play with every element of the composition.

Rigman - Complete Rigged Character Toolkit

by Ainforce

It contains more than 3000 unique and professionally-designed elements & animations. You can choose elements from a range of objects & icons, buildings, background-scenes, compositions, typography, promo services, infographics, motion shapes, speech bubbles, shape elements, transitions, displays, hands, motion presets, logo reveals, and, the main feature – ultimate characters builder.

AinTrailers - Ultimate Explainer Video Toolkit