They say an image is worth of a thousand words; a moving image has 25 pictures per second, you do the maths! A Video Infographic gives you an extra appeal, and draws in a larger crowd. So in this post, I`ve collected Video Infographic After Effect Templates that will help you to keep your audience engaged and add value to your coverage.

3D Map Kit

It is designed for easy creation of nice-looking presentations.
It will save a lot of time for professionals and quite accessible to the beginner video producers.

Infographics 3D Map Kit

Quantum HUD

Modern, professional and new style in HUD and infographics elements. Useful elements for making Technology and mysterious intros, previewing games, Tracking and match moving videos and etc.

Quantum HUD Infographic


It is an expression-based After Effects template that provides quick and flexible creative solutions for infographics. There are 3 custom-made themes with 18 fully-animated graphs included. This is built to be intuitive and flexible, and no prior knowledge of AE expressions is necessary.


Ultimate Infographics

Introducing amazing Ultimate Infographics Pack with over 150 trendy elements for any purposes. Use, combine & edit them very easily.

Ultimate Infographics Pack


This conceptual video will help you beautifully stylish and accessible to reveal this theme. It is well suited for making your presentations or video on the theme of preserving the environment.

Ecology Infographics

HUD UI Infographics Pack 800+

It is created with After Effects Shape Layers, which are vector based therefore they are all Editable and Resizable to any SIZE even 4K or more.

HUD UI Infographics Pack 800+

Smart 3D Charts

It can be works In 100 % Ratio. Using Existing Expressions will help You To Achieve Better Results.

Smart 3D Charts

20+ Financial 3D Icons

This Project was created entirely in after effects all the 3d icons and sets are created in after effects that means you can change the angle, rotation, scale, color or even remove any part from the icons as simple as other after effects layers.

20+ Financial 3D Icons


Easy to customize. 100% After Effects. No plugins required. 1920×1080 Full HD. Easy color change.

Medical Infographics

50 Animated Charts & Graphs

It`s ready to drop into your After Effects projects. All charts and graphs made from shape layers so you can easily resize up or down. Easily change the color scheme for the entire project from one color control comp! Plus there are 10 comps you can edit the animation value of the bar, pie or area chart and the animated numerical value will also change.

50 Animated Charts & Graphs

Sci-Fi Loaders Pack

Universal Expressions. Copy Paste Approach. Clean and modern color scheme.

Sci-Fi Loaders Pack

Solar Infographer

This is AE project template that gives you insight of our planetary system including sun and it suits for educational purposes. The project is completely modular which means that u can use your own textures and display it as a planet. Inside u get video tutorial which explains how you can achieve that and explains how to use project itself.

Solar Infographer

Hand Drawn Infographics

It is an after effects project witch helps you to promote your service or make your educational video or etc very easily.

Hand Drawn Infographics Toolkit

Clean Flat Info Circle Pack

Clean flat circular Info chart pack suitable for any company, business, commercial project, Info graphic video, web promo video, company presentation, profile video or any kind of project.

Clean Flat Info Circle Pack

Internet Of Things And Smart Home

Infographics to illustrate the concept of the Internet of Things, Smart Home, or other communications. Available in two versions of colors – for light and dark background.

Internet Of Things And Smart Home Infographics

4K NextGen Resizable Statistics Charts Pack One

Highly flexible, modular and customizable templates. You can easily combine several included charts templates into an unique project.

4K NextGen Resizable Statistics Charts Pack One


This is a powerful After Effects template, which can help you to create infographics video for any goals.

BigData - Ultimate Infographics Pack

Statistics Charts Pack

Don’t waste your time and boost your productivity. Get great charts in a few minutes.

Ultimate Infographics and Statistics Charts Pack I

Retro Kit

60 second and 29.97 fps. Full expressions control all scenes has expression controls.

Retro Infographic Kit

Infographics Toolkit

A totally unique style of presenting your data. Handy infographics toolkit contains 3 unique hand drawn styles. This powerful toolkit contains over 100 infographics which have been carefully thought over by our team, so you can give a powerful presentation.

Handy- Infographics Toolkit