Check out 50 Thick Edge Colored Business Cards that will make your head turn. Gone are days when all the business cards looks the same & does not attract client as they will just slip into their pocket without even looking at it. Now business card represent much more than a small piece of paper, with time it has evolved from boring to something more fancy, which when given to exchanged with anyone will surely have another look into it.

Villainy and Associates

Villainy and Associates_1

Slate Studio

Slate Studio_2



Edged Color Business Card

Edged Color Business Card_4

Edge Painted Letterpress

Edge Painted Letterpress_5

Atelier santa clara business card

Atelier santa clara business card_6

Sexy Business Card

Sexy Business Card_7

Foil Stamped Business Card

Foil Stamped Business Card_8

Anna & Jason business card

Anna & Jason business card_9

Personal Identity Card

Personal Identity Card_10

Photographer Business Card

Photographer Business Card_11

Custom Business Cards

Custom Business Cards_12

Un.titled Business card

Untitled Business card_13

FRWD Business Cards

FRWD Business Cards_14

Image Now Card Design

Image Now Card Design_15

Lundgren+Lindqvist Business Card

LundgrenLindqvist Business Card_16

NIkki N, edge painting

NIkki N edge painting_17

I am Tiago

I am Tiago_18

Tina Durocher

Tina durocher_19

Shyama Golden

Shyama Golden_20

White on White Lettra Paper

White on White Lettra Paper_21

T&T Business Cards

T&T Business Cards_22

Smart Penguin Letterpress Cards

Smart Penguin Letterpress Cards_23

Inspiration Home, edge painting

Inspiration Home edge painting_24

Letterpress calling card

Letterpress calling card_25

Celestielle Letterpress Business Cards

Celestielle Letterpress Business Cards_26

new business card

new business card_27



Brilliant Stack

Brilliant Stack_29

Flashy Edge

Flashy Edge_30

iphone app developer letterpress cards

iphone app developer letterpress cards_31

Space 150 v25 Business Cards

Space 150 v25 Business Cards_32



Aphro Chic Blotter Business Cards

Aphro Chic Blotter Business Cards_34

Acevedo Rebrand & Case Study

Acevedo Rebrand & Case Study_35

Blotter Board Letterpress Business Cards

Blotter Board Letterpress Business Cards_36

Business Cards

Business Cards_37

Garment Tags and Business Cards

Garment Tags and Business Cards_38

Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress Business Cards_39

Pacific Luxury Letterpress Business Cards

Pacific Luxury Letterpress Business Cards_40

Serious Foodies Business Cards

Serious Foodies Business Cards_41

Electric Green Edges

Electric Green Edges_42

Garibaldi Photography Business Cards

Garibaldi Photography Business Cards_43

new business cards

new business cards_44

19 Marks Design Business Cards


Greg Anderson Photo Business Card