They say that people eat with their eyes, so creating a great first impression with your menu is essential. Font is important. Without even reading a word of the menu, an observer should be able to determine whether your restaurant fare and atmosphere will be trendy, classic, family-oriented and so on just from your choice of font. So if you are looking for best fonts in designing an outstanding menu for your restaurant, here are 20 outstanding fonts for your restaurant menu.

by jiwstudio

This is good for projects like a menuboards, it`s specially designed cafe or restaurant ,background photoboots wedding, t-shirt, posters,etc and a touch of vector pack theme dessert, that allows you to mix and match pairs of ornaments to fit your design .

BiteChalk Typeface + extras

by hederaedesign

This is a brand new typeface for your tasty works! It is a collection of all-caps characters mixed with some lowercase ones. The 40 hand drawn icons about slow food, desserts, wines, pasta and more, and are made with the same brush of the font.

Cuciniere font

by sharkshock

This simple and charming display font was inspired by outdoor chalk boards that showcase an outdoor cafe`s specials.

Cafe Francoise

by AnthonyJJames

Most suitable as a display font, the main focus was to include as many indulgent aspects as possible, with 190 swashes for example, without compromising the legibility. With smooth curves and subtle indentations it’s a very Fashion conscious typeface.


by mankoff

Montclar Handwritten Font is perfect for the layout restaurant menu.

Montclar Handwritten Font

by BarcelonaDesignShop

A handmade font consisting of uppercase letters, punctuation and numbers. Basic Latin alphabet A-Z. Also this font comes with graphic doodle elements.

Original Burger Font

by TypeFaith

The fonts are very useable for food packaging, menu`s, etc and gives your product the authentic hand made look. Use of OpenType and Glyph panel in your application for the special characters.


by mankoff

Ovsyanka is the new typeface with rounded corners and the effect of wear letters. Font is ideal for packaging various products, for the design of boxes of chocolate or coffee packets, for all that can be tasty and healthy.

Ovsyanka Typeface

by jiwstudio

Recipe Daily typeface inspired by many lettering on the recipes note.

Recipe Daily Typeface

by bwtype

Designed by Alberto Romanos, Bw Modelica is a minimal, robust, reliable & pragmatic geometric sans. Its clean shapes and generous x-height makes it a very competent face for both, display and body copy purposes.

Bw Modelica Font Family

by simonok

It`s a fun, handwritten typeface that probably breaks every rule in typography. It has uppercase, lowercase, numbers, maths and punctuation glyphs.

Before Breakfast font

by maghrib

This is hand-drawn font with unique character and a lot of beautiful alternative character.

Rude Cookie Font Layer

by inumocca

Oldiez Family Font.

Oldiez Family Font

by factory738

Modern script and sans serif fonts, perfect for many different project.

Jacks Font

by me55enjah

Coffee Morning is just an ordinary handmade sans serif font. But it may be speak louder, because its imperfectness. Rough stroke, imperfect shapes, make this typeface has its taste, like coffee in the morning, strong and bold.

Coffee Morning Sans

by amtypes

Three handmade fonts for you who need lettering to design your project needs.

Haste - 3 Handmade Font

by crftsco

It is a sans-serif based typeface, inspired from industrial signs with semi-modular structure, suitable for using in wide ranged. Available in nine weights from Thin to ExtraBlack. Use well with sign into small print or web which support many languages with extended latin glyphs with standard of Adobe Latin 4 and world ready supported.

Martian B

by dafeld

Etheline is a classic grotesque with a bit of a contrast and a rather high x-height. It will give your logos, holiday cards, wedding invitations, quotes, advertisements.


by factory738

A clean and simple sans serif font, with sharp and smooth edges. Perfect for logo designs, headers and big or small amounts of text. It contains uppercase and lowercase characters within the 6 fonts, round and sharp edges.


by adamladd

Designed to be a hard-working, genuine handmade set of scripts that are useful in a variety of settings. The lighter weights evoke a signature quality and elegance, while the heavier weights are bolder and more playful. Choose from either a rough edge or smooth edge to fit the need. Though created by brush pen on paper, the letters were drawn carefully to make them very readable, even at smaller sizes.

Bakerie Font Family