Creating an Animated logo Reveal for your brand can be a complex procedure if you are starting with nothing. Using After Effects Templates you can customize and create your own logos, then things go easier and time saving. Below I have listed 30 stunning After Effects templates that you can purchase and customize to create animated logos or logo sting for your brand.


 Architect Logo Reveal

Colorful Splash

 Colorful Splash Logo Reveal

Power Surge

 Power Surge Logo Reveal

Glowing Butterfly

 Glowing Butterfly Logo Reveal

Thrusting Liquid

 Thrusting Liquid Logo Reveal


 Fire Logo Reveal


 Melt Logo

Modern Glitch Logo

 Modern Glitch Logo ( 2in1)

Epic Particle Reveal

 Epic Particle Reveal

Virtual Reality 4K

 Virtual Reality 4K Logo Reveal

Fire Explosion

 Fire Explosion Logo Reveal II


 Minimal Logos

Simple Search Logo

 Simple Search Logo

Corporate Logo Intro

 Corporate Logo Intro


 Coral Logo

Multi Extrude

 3D logo - Multi Extrude


 Epic Golden Logo

Glossy 3D

 Glossy 3D Corporate Logo


 Flat Logo Animations


 Epic Logo Sting v2


 Logo Reveal Pack

Digital Scanner

 Digital Scanner Logo Reveal

Modern Glitch

 Modern Glitch Logo

Glowing Particles

 Quick Logo Sting Pack 04: Glowing Particles

Light Reveal

 Light Reveal

Storm is Coming

 Storm is Coming


 Rising | Element 3D Logo Reveal

Hi-Tech Monster

 Hi-Tech Monster - Logo Sting

Neon Lights Badges

 Neon Lights Badges

Logo Reveal

 Logo Reveal