Almost every photographer at one time or another has taken a shot of the moon, either as the subject of the photo, or in the background of a photo. Taking the photo of a moon at night can be more technically challenging that one thinks. Here you can find 20 Eerie Moon Photos, for your inspiration and enjoyment.

Moonlight of Gold by Bobesh

Moonlight of Gold_3

Once upon a time by B℮n

Once upon a time_1

Tonight’s Moon by ash2276

Tonight's Moon_2

The intriguing moon by Kartik J

The intriguing moon_4

Lunar Eclipse by Garry

Lunar Eclipse_5

Total Lunar Eclipse by Brian E Kushner

Total Lunar Eclipse_6

MOONLIGHT MILE 4 by bbw1150


Super Moon by Anthony Beyga

Super Moon_8

Super Moon by chris_crssd

Super Moon_9

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine by philliefan99

It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine_10

guiding you to the moon by Fussel

guiding you to the moon_11

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse over Jersey City by mudpig

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse over Jersey City_12

Lunar Eclipse by fjny

Lunar Eclipse_14

Full moon night by *L*u*z*A*

Full moon night_15

Moon watch by borealnz

Moon watch_16

The moon above a lake of digital water by Philipp Klinger


Moon Shot 2 by jpro747


mars and the brightest full moon 2010 observe athens by helen sotiriadis


Under the Moon by Sergiu Bacioiu