Environmental portrait is just what it sounds like. A portrait taken in your environment. The subjects own objects, home, workplace, etc. become the background of each image and tell the audience a little more about the person in the picture. Here are 25 Excellent Environmental Portraits for inspiration.

a pause for thought… by Stephane Paquet

a pause for thought..._4

photograph by Ryan Lee Turton


Day 17 by Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

365 Days: Day 17

Monk by Marc A. Garrett

Monk, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

you’re staring at the sun, you’re standing in the sea by Matilde Berk

12.2006 you're staring at the sun, you're standing in the sea 5

Surfing In The Sky by Andrea Maidecchi

Surfing In The Sky

Practice by Tianxiao Zhang


hold fast by Anthony Bellemare

hold fast 8

Untitled by Donal Mc Cann

environmental portrait 9

Lori Kirwan by Gary Hills

Lori Kirwan 10

The Old Fisherman and his Cormorant by DanielKHC

The Old Fisherman and his Cormorant 11

Learn from experience by Luigi Mirto

Learn from experience 12

Festival of Colors by Shabbir Ferdous

Festival of Colors 13

Going home at twilight by NaPix

Going home at twilight 14

Martha v2 by Ed McGowan

Martha v2 15

Mechanic, Welder, and Guitar Maker by Blaine Davis

Mechanic, Welder, and Guitar Maker 16

The Office by Giovanni

10.2.11 - The Office 17

ninety by Lee Jordan

ninety 18

Wizard of New Zealand by Batikart

Wizard of New Zealand 19

How hard is life for some…. by Diana V

How hard is life for some....20

the resurrection by kevin meredith

the resurrection 21

Papy Blues by Ben Heine

Papy Blues - 22

Moments After Sunset! by AL zanki

Moments After Sunset! 23

Kung Fu Master by Fritz Hoffmann


Painter by Bruno Schlumberger


Bristol Bay by Michael Melford