A sequence is a digitally composited photo consisting of several photos shot one after another and then “stitched” together to make it appear like one photo. They are often used by action sports photographers to show an athlete performing a trick. To completely understand what sequence photography is, we have collected 30 Interesting Sequence Images for your inspiration.

Lizard King by asmith photography

Lizard King 7

219 l 365 by 4:01a.m Productions


Coyote Pounce Sequence by Hard-Rain

Coyote Pounce Sequence

BLOB by David Parks


Vincent Chenal by max!m3

Vincent Chenal - Flat 4

The Seagull and his food by pavonne


The Big Wheel by gms

The Big Wheel 6

Spitfire stitch by offwhitehouse

Spitfire stitch 8

Free as a bird by Victoriano


Waimea Bay by Sarah Lee

Waimea Bay 9

Snowboard by proboarder


us_open-11 by jpclover


Thomas 360 by gosseti

Thomas 360 12

Gabe Bachelor Summit Drop by Zack Schnepf

Gabe Bachelor Summit Drop 13

Three Bee Series by Jobe Roco

Photography Daily Challenge 14

Landing Sequence Into The Sun by MarkReqs

Landing Sequence Into The Sun 15

Multiplicity Hop by hernan.seoane

Multiplicity Hop 16

Home Sweet Home by Edgar Thissen

home_sweet_home 17

High by Prozac74

High 18

bmx lake jump by spilmane

bmx lake jump

Fasttap Royale by tim_parker

Harry - Fasttap Royale

Black-Capped Chickadee, Poecile Atricapilla by Blobber

Black-Capped Chickadee

wild flat top by brian_adams

wild flat top

Bail! by Stream X Photography


Backflip into Easy Gully by freeskiing

Backflip into Easy Gully

Kite in Flight by jo92photos


Flight Path by Red Bull Air Race

Flight Path, Red Bull Air Race Monument Valley 2007

Layup by LVshooter


Untitled by mrksaari

The Catch by Taylor Hand

The Catch