Light painting is a fantastic photography technique where you illuminate parts of your scene with a torch or other light, to add emphasis and colour to certain objects during a long exposure.

Captivating Light Painting Photography

In this article, we’ll take a look at 40 Captivating Examples Of Light Painting Photography that are sure to both inspire and amaze you.

RGB UFOs by Jeffrey Sullivan


Swansong of a 350D by Ian Hobson

Swansong of a 350D

bright Inflorescences 2 by garu-garu

exploration in country 137: bright Inflorescences 2

Running & Swinging with Fire by alexkess


Love At First Light by flatworldsedge

Love At First Light 2

Best Nest by tdub303

Best Nest 3

steel wool spin by Sceletium

steel wool spin 4

antiparticle by { tcb }

antiparticle 5

Race of the Ribbons by Pikebubbles

race_of_ribbons 6

Light Painting by -Snugg-

Day 47: Light Painting 7

Large Fire Wings by MattTheSamurai

Large_Fire_Wings_by_MattTheSamurai 8

Conjure by Seany-Mac


violin light painting by onlinewoman

violin light painting 10

Mad Car Disease! by TxPilot

Mad Car Disease! 11

Wool Donut by garnatha

Wool Donut 12

Polaris by Joni Niemelä

polaris 13

Still Got the Blues by jannepaint

Still Got the Blues 14

Eos by Dennis Calvert

Eos 15

“i’m the spirit of your dirty dishes!!!!” by Math__

i'm the spirit of your dirty dishes 16


Orb 17

Petit groupe nocturne … by baptiste morin


Difficult Is Worth Doing by AndWhyNot

Honda Accord - Difficult Is Worth Doing (driving shot) 18

Love Wins by whitehotphoenix

Love Wins

Through the Field by jediimind

Through the Field

Mister Moon by buddythunder

Mister Moon

Dariusaur by It was the light, it was the angle


LightFighting by


vestido de luz by Maria Elisa


Kodama Party by TigTab


German Cars Are Hot by ec808x

German Cars Are Hot

Bumpkin’s on Fire by citybumpkin

Light Painting #63 (“Bumpkin’s on Fire”)

Working Late by Thomas Rockstar

Working Late

The Light Painter’s Dance by Fort Photo

The Light Painter's Dance

tulip by Steven Meyer-Rassow


Light Painting by Steve Jurvetson


light painting by rafoto

light painting

The Time tunnel by Fellwalker1

The Time tunnel

Thermodynamic Engineering by Dennis Calvert

Thermodynamic Engineering

chicken by Chernega D.


Self portrait – Light it up… by Bart_T

Self portrait - Light it up...

reflected/deflected by ben matthews


light painting daddy cool by andreas gessl

light painting daddy cool

Shot through the heart by Jonathan Ray Photography

Light Paint - Shot through the heart

Drunk N Tunnel by Jerry Berry


Tentacle of light by RomImage