One of the most fascinating forms of photography is the art of capturing the littlest of things and revealing such minute details that are not visible by the naked eye, the art of macro photography. Some of the most popular and favorite subjects of photographers in taking macro shots are insects, droplets of rain, human eye, by which the details when captured are really extraordinary.

In this post we present 50 Amazing Images From The Eye Of Macro Lens and images taken by various photographers in which all pictures are linked to the author’s pages. You may want to explore further works of the photographers we’ve featured below.

Equilibrist by michel bellekens


Rain Tears II by Remus Tiplea

Rain Tears II_2

Ulat by jimmy hoffman


Little black wasp portrait by Tomas Rak

Little black wasp portrait4

ugh… so hard by teguh santosa

ugh... so hard5

My Dew House by Brizadly Arifin

My Dew House6

Decapitation by Lex Augusteijn


seeking III by Remus Tiplea

seeking III_8

Little stars by Giovanni Orlando


Damselflies by Yeo Weng Sang


Bumblebee by Dev Banerjee


Brown Vine Snake by Andrew Carrano


Just add light… by Evan Leeson


mystic by wzopf


staring eyes by susanto ng

staring eyes10

Blue fun by Heidi Westum

Blue fun11

sweet dew by liangdawei

sweet dew12

Neomochtherus pallipes by Mikesi

Neomochtherus pallipes13

Heavy load by Audun Wigen

Heavy load14

Kiwi by Yasin Cobanoglu


Miner Bee by Boris Godfroid

Miner Bee16

Am I cute? by Izidor Gasperlin

Am I cute20

procreation by werol


Macro Flower closeup Water drops pink by aroon_kalandy

Macro Flower closeup Water drops pink22

The eyes of a fly by Rundstedt B. Rovillos

The eyes of a fly23

The Sunny Side by ViaMoi

The Sunny Side24

Liquid dream by ~jjjohn~

Liquid dream25

Mosquite trap by Putu Sudiarta

Mosquite trap26

the rose makes losing your head by5348 Franco- heart with japan

the rose makes losing your head27

Hornet by Mikesi


Tela de araña con perlas de cristal by Arbego

Tela de araña con perlas de cristal29

Shivers down my hairy spine by ThierryM

Shivers down my hairy spine30

Suspended by Dan. D.


Ruby crown by Luĭs Eduardo

Ruby crown32

Robber fly (Holcocephala fusca) compound eyes transition by Gustavo Mazzarollo

Robber fly Holcocephala fusca compound eyes transition33

Stilt Legged FLy Portrait by Phi Dao

Stilt Legged FLy Portrait34

First Solitary Bee of 2011 by Dalantech

First Solitary Bee of 2011_35

India. Caterpillar bath by lalie sorbet

India Caterpillar bath36

Green Lynx Spider by xbn83

Green Lynx Spider37

Nevena Uzurov – Blue & yellow by venkane

Nevena Uzurov  Blue & yellow38

Beetle portrait by Gustavo Mazzarollo

Beetle portrait39

Que sera???? by luensalo

Que sera40

macro by Lino Sgaravizzi


A colorful cute jumping spider by AgniMax

A colorful cute jumping spider42

mACRO mONDAY by Thunderbolt_TW

macro monday43

nectar sipping by terry.1953

nectar sipping44

Nevena Uzurov – Primrose by venkane

Nevena Uzurov  Primrose45

strawberry splash by andi.vs.zf


Eye by Schtumple


Look At Me With Starry Eyes by Neal Fowler