Have you ever looked into a mirror only to be surprised by what you see? Reflections aren’t exact replications. They can give us slightly different perspectives, adding interest and beauty to the otherwise mundane. In this post, we have compiled 50 Excellent Uses Of Reflections In Digital Photography for photography inspiration.

reflection by the69th


Che l’Uomo sia lacerato dal Cielo e dalla Terra… by Jody Sticca

Che l'Uomo sia lacerato dal Cielo e dalla Terra...1

Le vieux canoë rouge…!!! by Denis Collette

Le vieux canoë rouge...!!! 2

Morning reflections in Paris by Marc Benslahdine

Morning reflections in Paris 3

Salzburgo by Pilar Azaña

Salzburgo 4

Colorado Balloon Classic by Chris Coleman

Colorado Balloon Classic 5

Sunset at Calicut .In 100 Galleries. by aroon_kalandy

Sunset at Calicut .In 100 6

New York by Estrella Esteve

play. with me. by anji

play. with me.8

green spar by Peter Allen

green spar 9

The moon above a lake of digital water by .: Philipp Klinger :.


Only in Nature ……… by Nicolas Valentin

Only  in Nature ..........

lines by Cole Rise


Reflections Of Amsterd@m – BMW Style by AmsterS@m – The Wicked Reflectah

Reflections Of Amsterd@m - BMW Style

kintyakuta by kouji tomihisa


Heal Me by Sunrise V by Daniel Hasselberg

Heal Me by Sunrise

sunset, cable beach by mark boyle


London Underground by Edward Scoble


the bb by nj dodge

the bb

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes! by pixelmama

341/365: There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes!

Sakura 2010 by Guwashi999

Sakura 2010 #1

27 mile by Todd Blaisdell

27 mile

Sunrise Reflection by NaPix — Hmong Soul

Sunrise Reflection (4+4 in 6x6)

Rippleside Reflected by Luka Skracic

Rippleside Reflected

Vancouver – BC Canada by Kevin McNeal

Vancouver -  BC Canada

that same other world by Lars Van De Goor

that same other world

Glory of Spring by believer9

Glory of Spring

Lines by Keep the Funk alive


Flamingo Reflection by Andy Kenutis


Albino Alligator by Jak Wonderly


Waikawau Bay by Steve Burling


Spitfire Lake Reflection by Will Forbes


Bay Bridge by Kristin Repsher


Chinatown by Matthew Goddard-Jones


Cows by Jorinde van Ringen


Hitchcock’s Sunset by Mischa de Wilt


cottonseed by Cari Ann Wayman


Bitter childhood by Rafa Elías

Bitter childhood

Untitled by Lizzy Gadd

Vertical Wizards Hat by Chip Phillips

Vertical Wizards Hat, Bandon Oregon

Beside the lake of my soul by Dylan MacMaster

Beside the lake of my soul, I stand

. by Dan Desroches


Untitled by Potyike

Winter landscape by Ursula

Winter landscape

lavori in corso by meghimeg

lavori in corso

Colors of Mountains by Sam Yaoo

青山 Colors of Mountains

Fog over Friday Harbor by Nicolas Bouvier

Fog over Friday Harbor

mon oeil by io2

mon oeil

The Photographer by ♥ Spice ♥

The Photographer

Schloss Moritzburg in Saxony by Hans Vaupel

Schloss Moritzburg in Saxony, Germany