The landscape images below was created with a technique known as high dynamic range, or HDR for short. HDR image’s are usually recognisable by their extreme exposure range. In other words, a greater range of shadows and highlights are visible to the eye when viewing the image, than would otherwise have been seen. Today, we gathered 65 Beautiful Examples of HDR Landscape Photography to give you some inspiration.

Frozen sunrise by Omalorig’s HDR Photography

Frozen sunrise1

Home by Omalorig


Black Sheep by u n c o m m o n

Black Sheep3

La Cala encantada by mireba72

La Cala encantada4

Elgol by Shuggie!!


Minutes to Memories by smoore24

Minutes to Memories6

Wonderstruck by Su Inc


Sunset gateway by Mirko Macari

Sunset gateway8

Balls.. by u n c o m m o n


A soft summer night in the marsh by Stuck in Customs

A soft summer night in the marsh10

Sunset at Trillium Lake with Mount Hood by David Gn Photography

Sunset at Trillium Lake with Mount Hood11

Rags ogles before the cock doodles by Ragstatic


HDR Welcome Into My World by Dimitri Depaepe

HDR Welcome Into My World13

Dranesville Tavern by GHD PHOTOGRAPHY & DESIGN

Dranesville Tavern14

A big bloody Samoan storm that turned gay! by ming mong

A big bloody Samoan storm that turned gay15

The blues are back by blurredfoto

The blues are back16

house above the clouds by dmkdmkdmk

house above the clouds17

A Tahoe Winter by dacoach89_89

A Tahoe Winter18

Fast Moving Clouds 3 by DolliaSH

Fast Moving Clouds 3_19

Existing in peacefulness by Rob Orthen

Existing in peacefulness20

New Neighborhood by Len Langevin

New Neighborhood21

Goldeneye by Haaghun – Out for a while


Arklet Tree by Shuggie!!

Arklet Tree23

Fortress by Dimitri Depaepe


INTO THE MYSTIC by Sylvester Saldaña —Slowly catching up


The other shore by blurredfoto

The other shore26

An Emerald Lake by Jeff Clow

An Emerald Lake27

Durdle Door in HDR by ccsharry

Durdle Door in HDR28

Forrest Gump by traumlichtfabrik aka Eddi

Forrest Gump29

Sunday morning by Stevacek

Sunday morning30

Ovit-Yedi Göller by yasinkaya

Ovit Yedi Göller31

Golden Light by Paulo Brandão

Golden Light32

Skier Bridge under a Storm by bridgepix

Skier Bridge under a Storm33

December sun by asmundur

December sun34

alone by Bill Hinton Photography


Sunrise at Trillium Lake, Oregon 3 by David Gn Photography

Sunrise at Trillium Lake Oregon 3_36

Applecross by PhotosEcosse /


Reflections at sunset by •·.·•ë£ï§å•·.·• (AWAY)

Reflections at sunset38

Clouds over Foothills I by JeremyT

Clouds over Foothills I 39

a glow from brazil by Kris Kros

a glow from brazil40

Sunset Rock by M Norris

Sunset Rock41

Soleil Brumeux by Omalorig

Soleil Brumeux42

Serenity Redux by BigSkyKatie

Serenity Redux43

83 Ice by Neil Armstrong2

83 Ice44

Morning Has Broken by Mahnie

Morning Has Broken45

Southern Chile by -phil-

Southern Chile46

City of Gardens by Brandon Godfrey

City of Gardens47

Sky- horses and geese by rass999

Sky horses and geese48

Ô Bas-Saint-Laurent by PhotosNature – Guylaine

O Bas Saint Laurent49

Mount Albert Sunset view from on top Mount Ernest by PhotosNature – Guylaine

Mount Albert Sunset view from on top Mount Ernest50

Brücke by vampire-carmen


Bass Harbor Sunset by Tyler McCall

Bass Harbor Sunset52

Paseando por La Manga by davizoom

Paseando por La Manga53

Gullfoss Waterfall by WanderingtheWorld

Gullfoss Waterfall54

Setting sun from Mt. Tamalpais by WarzauWynn

Setting sun from Mt Tamalpais55

Sunset at White Rock Lake by todd landry photography

Sunset at White Rock Lake56

Cherry sunset by Scapevision

Cherry sunset57

White Rock Lake Boathouse by todd landry photography

White Rock Lake Boathouse58

Fire & Ice by Earl-Wilkerson

Fire & Ice59

Big Hill Sunset by Hakka69

Big Hill Sunset60

White Muscles by Neil Armstrong2

White Muscles61

Lighthouse by Mike Szmigielski


Sunrise at Robinson Preserve HDR by Enrique Pino’s Photography

Sunrise at Robinson Preserve HDR63

Gun barrel by Makani_Photography

Gun barrel64

The Spirit of Peace by Scott Stringham “Rustling Leaf Design”

The Spirit of Peace65