In the area of photography, a silhouette is defined as an outline that appears dark against a light background. More specifically, it is where your subject appears as a plain black shape against a brighter background. It is an artistic photography expression that many photographers like to refine and perfect in their images.

If you’re a silhouette lover you definitely going to like this collection. This post highlights 70 of the most stunning shots of silhouette photography.

Ansel Adams on color by Kevin Dooley


Climber Silhouette by Bill Hatcher


Silhouette Of Love by oO-Rein-Oo


I said to the man are you trying to tempt me .. by BK


Lo eres todo by Ziri Ouchen


Cloud Nine by Sarah Lee


Dance with me on the rooftop by Three less neurons per minute


She Dares To Have Flare by TJ Scott


Silhouettes by Imogen Henderson


Starry Sky by Rhys Logan


Grazing Bison by George F. Mobley


Firemen by Josh Edelson


Frisian Horses by The Family Dog

Frisian Horses1

winding up by !!sahrizvi!!

winding up2

Pour une vie plus poètique by AnnuskA – AnnA Theodora

Pour une vie plus poètique3

Crazy People! by AL zanki (d10b Q8)

Crazy People4

The Mermaid by Timhaiti

The Mermaid5

Sentimental Sunlight by HaMeD!caL

Sentimental Sunlight6

Bridal Bliss by JeremyHall

Bridal Bliss7

shooting sunset by Eric 5D Mark II

shooting sunset8

The Strength Of The Human Spirit by Tomasito

The Strength Of The Human Spirit9

hold me pls… by muha…

hold me pls10

Sundowner Silhouette by Heaven`s Gate (John)

Sundowner Silhouette12

Millhouettes by Philipp Klinger


Le Surfeur Solitaire by Tiquetonne2067

Le Surfeur Solitaire14

Fiat Lux by yushimoto_02

Fiat Lux15

A Dancer’s Story by trisarahhtops

A Dancer's Story16

Love is powerfull by yopse – Arnaud Montagard


Sizzling Summer by sweetcaroline

Sizzling Summer18

Be ambitious by Spice

Be ambitious19

He called me Nofretete by ps70

He called me Nofretete20

Saguaros on Fire by Saguaro Pictures

Saguaros on Fire21

Hassalien by Hani Amir


Night Passage by Olli Kekäläinen

Night Passage23

This Way by photosapience

This Way24

Hurry up by ANOODONNA

Hurry up25

silhouette by mallory


Stranger by Latyrx


No matter how dark the night .. by Rebecca Tabor Armstrong

No matter how dark the night somehow the sun rises once again and all shadows are chased away28

Lets Biking by Aliraza Khatri

Lets Biking29

Companion by Divs Sejpal


Rain by kouji tomihisa


Hitchcock’s Sunset by Mischa de Wilt

Hitchcock's Sunset32

Seashore, sunset and the fisherman by Bruno Jesus

Seashore sunset and the fisherman33

The World Through My Eyes by Response ( Dan )

The World Through My Eyes34

Night of the Cranes by Fort Photo

Night of the Cranes35

Lake Chuzenji by Spice

Lake Chuzenji36

LiFe by Response ( Dan )


Sunset in Mucubal tribe by Eric Lafforgue

Sunset in Mucubal tribe39

one step from heaven by IGCOR

one step from heaven40

Solitude by Terry Donnelly


Hers sunset by JAY LEE

Hers sunset42

Thunder in the air by Marc Apers

Thunder in the air43

Giraffes at Sunset by Randy Crossley

Giraffes at Sunset44

sunset, cable beach by mark boyle

sunset cable beach45

viewing point by paul stefan

viewing point46

Clean Energy by Francesco Magnano

Clean Energy47

Looking ahead by Jorge Feteira

Looking ahead48

Kembali by Abdul Halik


Sunset by kadriozcan


Correct sun by Ahmet Turan Kural

Correct sun51

In The Morning by saelanwangsa

In The Morning52

Cable Beach sunset by marj k

Cable Beach sunset53

They Strike An 8mm Pose by TJ Scott

They Strike An 8mm Pose54

Sunset Discussion by Automania

Sunset Discussion55

Elevation by f. prestes


Transzendenz by friedling


Avatar by @ß