The art of photography makes us see the beauty of amazing moments in our life and how these moments are reflected on the objects around us. Shadows are one of the photo elements that link the objects in image with the different parts in the image. So here are 30 stunning examples of shadow photography that will have you look at shadows in a different way.

Switch Kickflip by Rick Montalbano

Switch Kickflip

Think by Thibodeau

Think (56/365)

Autumn Cycle by moriza

Autumn Cycle

Cobblestones by Edwin L. Wisherd


Bicyclists by William Albert Allard


__//-/__ by André Baumecker


Childhood Reflections by {peace&love♥}

Childhood Reflections

google my goggles by Andrea Benedetti

google my goggles

Bootblack Shop by Rafa Elías

Fado I: Salón Limpiabotas / Bootblack Shop

Double Helix by fluxxus1

Double Helix

Untitled by Pawel Papis

Winter Requiem by fluxxus1

Winter Requiem

another head hangs lowly by Riccardo Romano

[ another head hangs lowly ]

A little overtanned? by radioher

A little overtanned?

everywhere valentines ambush the poor unsuspecting by kate mellersh


Love is… by Iceler Young


Lonely bench by Louis-Thibaud Chambon

Lonely bench #3

The Goat-Footed Balloonman Whistles Far And Wee by an untrained eye

The Goat-Footed Balloonman Whistles Far And Wee

Journeys by Adrian Donoghue


Shadows of summer II by Monique


Casting shadows at the Grand Canyon by imago2007


Shadows by Giulio D’Alfonso


Un ami fidèle by Mario Cliche


Shadow in action. by Jordi Gallego


fallimentare by DanielaNob


Shadows, Riverside Walk by Joep Roosen

Shadows, Riverside Walk

Rainy Season in Thailand by Ben Thé Man

Rainy Season in Thailand

Extreme Tree Shadow on Green by Batikart

Extreme Tree Shadow on Green

The Flying dog – The strange case of the dog who jumped over his shadow by Franco Ferri Mala

The Flying dog - The strange case of the dog who jumped over his shadow

Sebastian Flip by smashthirteen

Sebastian Flip

how can a photographer fall in love by Alina Livia Lazar

[how can a photographer fall in love]

Alice’s Evidence by Celeste

Alice's Evidence

hear the silence** by !OpenAir!

hear the silence**

Red Shoes Liberty Dance by Elsa Prinsessa

Red Shoes Liberty Dance

Llanthony Priory by Anthony Thomas

Llanthony Priory, Arch-aeology