In the era of technology, where everything sells online, digital marketing is the buzzword. Restaurants, cafes, and local eateries have adopted the digital world, and have swanky websites, social media platforms, and some even have their own apps. With such clever online marketing tactics, does it make sense to use the good ‘old world’ paper flyers and pamphlets in the restaurant business? The answer is Yes! In this post we`ve collected 25 Finest Restaurant PSD Flyer Templates that will attract new customers.

Vintage Restaurant Menu

 Vintage Restaurant Menu

Chili Cook-off

 Chili Cook-off Flyer Template

Vintage Hand Lettering Burger

 Vintage Hand Lettering Burger Flyer


 Coffee Flyer Template

Taco Tuesdays

 Taco Tuesdays Flyer Template

Chalk Happy Hour

 Chalk Happy Hour Flyer Invite

Retro Diner Flyer/Menu

 Retro Diner Flyer/Menu

Street Food

 Street Food Flyer

Steak Food Menu

 Steak Food Menu Flyer

Simple Vintage Menu

 Simple Vintage Menu


 Lobster Flyer

Sunday Roast Flyer Templates

 Sunday Roast Flyer Templates

Hamburger Menu

 Hamburger Menu Flyer

Irish Beer Week

 Irish Beer Week Flyer

Coffee Flyer Template

 Coffee Flyer Template

Juice Drink Menu Set

 Juice Drink Menu Set

Food Flyer

 Food Flyer

Restaurant/Food Promotion

 Restaurant/Food Promotion Flyer Template

Steak House

 Steak House Flyer Template

Chicken Place – Fast Food Flyer

 Chicken Place - Fast Food Flyer

Seafood Restaurant

 Seafood Restaurant Magazine Ad or Flyer Template

Healthy Food

 Healthy Food Flyer V.2

Salad Bar Menu

 Salad Bar Menu Flyer

Coffee Shop Promotion

 Coffee Shop Promotion Flyer Template

Typography Flyer

 Retro Restaurant Typography Flyer