If you are looking for easy photoshop manipulation to create a HDR photo without the actual HDR process, here are 25 best Photoshop actions to help you to fake HDR photos in Photoshop. You don`t need to shoot into RAW or take multiple photos – one JPEG file is enough.

by oneeyelab

Works great with landscape, street or portraits for dramatic look. It`s easy to use, non-destructive and fully customizable.

Smart HDR - Photoshop action

by mrikhokon

This action set has been developed for any type of cover design for example magazine, book, advertisement , poster, Photographers and Personal graphic or designers.        


by RawnakRezaul

It is designed to transform your photos into Dynamic HDR Photoshop Action.

Dynamic HDR

by EliIsakov

Give your Photographs and HDR look. 3 Different Styles, Amazing, Professional Looks !

Amazing HDR

by j-studio

These effects are excellent for photographers, graphic designers and artists. These effects are exclusively designed to enhance & upgrade your images to the next level.

Portrait HDR Photoshop Action

by FabioDesign_Lab

I recommend using the action on photos with high resolution for the best results.

Highly Beautify HDR Actions

by Ghorami

The action has been tested and working on Photoshop (English versions)CS3,CS4,CS5,CS6,CC.

Dynamic HDR

by prosen_biswas

This is surprisingly easy to use & it has all necessary options for customization. All you need to do is, open a photo in Photoshop. Load the Fettle HDR Action into Photoshop. Choose an action & click the play button.

Fettle HDR

by oneeyelab

Fake HDR easily with Magic HDR actions and find every unseen detail!

Magic HDR Photohosp Actions

by Kaze-shop

This action is designed to add a Ultra HDR effect to your photos.

Artistic HDR

by sparklestock

Create HDR and DRI images like a pro! This huge action set will let you create fully-editable layered HDR and DRI photos from a single or multiple exposures. You can choose to create natural halo-free HDR/DRI effects or strong artistic looks simply by playing one action and picking the effect.


by mudi

With Surreal HDR Actions you can convert image into dramatic surreal images which adds depth, drama and interest in your images.

Surreal HDR Actions

by ClauGabriel

Professional results and very easy to use All layers can be edited very easily All layers are named and placed in groups so you will have full control on each layer and each group.

Sharp HDR Photoshop Action


The action leaves the original layer unharmed so you don’t have to remove the effect if you want to edit the original image or apply another effect.

HDR Action

by savigmusic

Carefully edited and selected, this effect gives you a great variation for your photos.

Professional HDR Effect

by Kitket

This action is very creative and exclusive. Just install and play action for awesome photo retouch. Clean, noise, soft and premium looking.

HDR Skin Retouch Action


This is an excellent HDR Photoshop Action. This Action Will Turn your images Into HDR Look.

10 HDR Fx Action

by SOHdesign

Turn your image into a awesome eye catching image in just few seconds.

HDR Photo Effect

by PawlowskiArt

Make your unique effect today by using a PRO HDR PHOTO FX.

Pro HDR Photo FX vol.1 - 25 HDR Photoshop Actions

by Graphicadi

With this action set you can get faux HDR effect from single exposure. The actions are 100% customisable and non-destructive. All the adjustments are added in to a new folder and the actions were made using smart filter.

HDR Action Set

by simoXzaki

Every action is divided in layers so you can modify every effect without touching the original image.

22 HDR Photoshop Actions

by VillageGraphics

You will feel colors,lights and details more with this effect.

Professional HDR Action

by kdesignhous

New concept and stylish action now available in graphics river buy this action and save your time just one click change your image look.

Oil HDR Action

by AmeerAtrash

This actions has been created with precise calibration adjustments to bring your images to life using powerful tools & professional methods.

40+ HDR Effects - Photoshop Actions V.1

by d97

This is action for creating sharpen moviestyle effect.

Betterizer HDR Action

by cruzine

6 Awesome HDR effects on your images and photos.

6 Professional HDR Photo Actions