Good logos take the core values of your brand and make it understandable, unique, and memorable, all in a quick glance. If you`ve got a modern company that is looking to connect with your clientele in a fun and relaxed way, a cartoon logo could be the right choice. A cartoon style logo design is the right fit for businesses that want to come across as friendly, amusing, fun or expressive. So in this post we`ve rounded up 20 Marvelous Cartoon Style Logo Templates that you can use for wide range of businesses.

by rodendushi

Professional truck transport logo template.

Truck Transport Logo

by asaelv

This is a unique premium logo that you can use for restaurant.

Restaurant and Food Logo

by BrightPixel

Monster Brand is a professional, modern and unique approach to branding which can easily be applied to websites, stationary and much more. Beautifully illustrated in vector, this means it is 100% resizable and can be blown up to any size. In total there are 9 different colour variations, and the file also includes a landscape version. Created using the free font Alexandria, its easy to adapt with your own brand name, and also includes a free business card design which is set up for print with bleed and crop marks.

Monster Brand Logo Design

by ikaznarsis

Samurai Logo Template is an excellent logo template highly suitable for logo company.

Samurai Logo Template

by ManuDesign

Ungry Fox is illustrative, colored and funny logo.

Ungry Fox

by flying_jacket

A unique and stylish astronaut logo for sale that is professionally designed to stand out among the crowd. Space and astronaut logos are excellent to create your brand around and this astronaut logo can be the missing link that you have been looking for to reach the stars. This is a cool design also looks great on all kind of merchandises.

Space Cigar Logo Template

by dean70

Car wash is orange car with the blue bubble image. It is suited for carwash business.

Car Wash Logo

by pixiostudio

Games are fun and so is this logo. Here we have an extremely trendy, stylish and energetically designed gaming logo design for sale that is sure to bring success to your gaming related website or project.

Gaming Logo

by Rockdoodle

It is an illustrative Cartoon Logo. Perfect for personal identities, blogs and website.


by bicone

It is a highly suitable for pet related businesses and non profit activities

Pet Clinic Logo Template

by maioriz

This is custom logo template. Illustrator (AI), Vector (EPS) logo files included in this download.

Viking Geek Logo

by Gabey005

This fish logo is ready for you to add your name on it. A neat and simple yet trendy fish logos are very hard to find and extremely rare, just like this amazing logo.

Fish Mascot Vector Logo Template

by Siluro

It can be used for multiple purposes and different types of businesses, studies, clans, startups, branding, etc.

WereWolf Logo

by Suhandi

Creative readymade logo for sale and kick start your new brand within minutes.

Mad Dog Logo

by Omar_Ichigo

It is extremely hard and rare to find a robot logo for download that can so easily be incorporated into any kind of business.

Robot Head Logo Template Robohead

by LayerSky

This logo design for all creative business. Consulting, Excellent logo,simple and unique concept.

Octobot Logo

by babeer

The logo is Easy to edit to your own company name.The logo is designed in vector for highly resizable and printing.

Kids Channel Logo

by liaofactory

The concept is to create one logo that is filled with warmth and friendliness. You can change the colors easily. Your creativity has no limit.

Kumatoast Logo Template

by urbandreamer

The logo offers 4 different color and tools variations, but you can customize your own handyman version. Everything is done in a vector format so it can be used and scaled without loss of quality.

Handyman Expert Logo

by LazyMonkey

Geek Excellent logo, simple, creative, clear, cool and unique.

Crazy Geek Logo Tamplate