Creating an image and presence for your church online through your website, social media, and your logo are factors that will help bring in new people to your congregation. So if you are looking for professionally created logo templates, here are 20 best logo templates for starting point for churches to attract and invite religious people and modern audience to churches.

by RobertLaneDesign

This affordable church logo template was designed with modern church ministries and Christian organizations in mind. The cross if formed while also depicting the shape of the letter `R`. You might use the names restore, recover, or rebuild to customize this sophisticated church logo.

Contemporary Church Logo

by empativo

Modern, versatile and stylish logo template. Ideal for a wide range of uses.

Living Church Logo Template

by FlipsideDesign

Awesome church logo with clean, simple mark with a professional type treatment and balanced color scheme.

Home Church logo

by getstronghold

A fun and abstract logo that could fit many church or business ventures in the surfing or watersports arena.

Surf Church Logo

by chiccosinalo

Best for churches and christian related situation, it is a fully editable logo in PSD layers.

Christ Church Logo Template

by svlogos

This is custom logo template. Illustrator, Photoshop, Vector logo files included in this download. You can customize to your own branding. All colors and text can be modified.

Cross, Love Vector Logo Template

by Nasirktk

The logo looks great on white and black backgrounds. It will look great on a business card, letterhead or envelope, as well as a web site or any other digital media.

Christ Church Community

by BoohooDesign

A hope and faith related icon dove in a dynamic pose and with a classy color theme blue to suggest spirituality, empathy, faith, and hope. Overall a great logo for any charity organization, church, ministry, religious activities or seminars.

Hope - Charity / Church Logo

by WallaceAdvertising

New York Church Logo Template utilizes dynamic colors and a powerfully charged kite shape to communicate growth and life in a beautiful way.

New York Church Logo Template

by debo243

Good `Open Bible Church` that paves the way for an effective brand.

Open Bible Church

by Enaudi

Crosses are symbolic of where our connection with God intersects with the relationships we have with others. This is church. This logo is a great example of placing Christ and the cross front and center.

New Church Logo

by BossTwinsMusic

The logo focuses on the building. This is an idea if you want to emphasize that you have a particularly large or unique building or want to project the idea of growth and purpose.

Church Logo Template

by piraka

This heart imagery is great for any church who is focused on sharing the word of god. It can be interpreted in various ways: from playful and modern for a youth group, to elegant and traditional.

Love Church

by Ronin54

Readings from the bible are at the core of most Christian services. Incorporating a book into your church`s logo is a strong yet subtle way to assure your congregation that this church is firmly rooted in scripture.

Church Logo

by CreativeComplex

Logo design template made on Foundation or church theme with simple contents. The artwork contains church and hands are identical to giving or contribute.

Church Foundation v2

by durogerti

Sometimes, you don`t need to go with the obvious symbolism. After all, there’s likely going to be plenty of crosses and candles around your church, anyway.

Home Church

by flatos

Using the cross in your logo positions your church as a classic house of worship, with traditional values.

Faith Church Logo

by dreamstudio29

Amazing logo to create more colorful, abstract interpretation of the cross, to deemphasize its original purpose. This can be a good way to link a less-traditional congregation with a classic symbol.

Church Logo

by pixellogo

An excellent logo template highly suitable for churches and community service businesses. Fully layered logo template. All colors and text can be modified. High resolution files included.

Business & Finance Logo - 1374

by beyourself

Worship church prayer group concept.

Worship Church Group

by lunarts_studio

Nature logo can also give your church a more modern feel.

Living Bible Logo

by msl99

Logo template with minimal use of religious symbols and a modern typeface that will help you create a fresh logo design and image for any charity, church or non-profit organization.

Church Building Logo