Logo is your identity and an important part of your overall brand strategy. It is one of the main things that makes your business memorable. If your logo is unique and interesting, more people may inquire about your business. At the same time, the logo should remain true to your brand and make sense for what it is representing. Usually fish logo design used in food related business like cafe and restaurants who offer fish as their main food. Fish farm houses fishing parks, shipping companies, boating companies and media related business are also using fish logo design. So if your business is in need of a fresh identity, here are 25 interesting fish logo templates that represents your business and stands out from the competition.

by subtropica

Creative Fish Graphic Design Studio Bright Logo

by kitcreativelogo

Fish Shop

by Kennarock

Tribal Fish Logo Template

by VectorCrow

Jump Fish Logo Template

by pixarno

Color Whale Logo

by teukudq

Logo fish Templates

by orsted46

Blue Fish Logo

by domibit

Color Fish Logo


Fish Brand Logo

by LayerSky

Fish Business Center Logo

by nospaces


by IconCreme

Cloud Fish Logo

by Kapacyko

Press Gang Logo

by VectorCrow

Marlin Logo Template

by vastard

Dolphin logo

by CreativeComplex

Fish Shop

by firmopisac

Fresh Fish Logo

by flatos

Little Fish Logo

by highgauge

Versatile Fish Logo Template

by filolif

Sports Fishing

by Brandbusters

Gold Fish Logo

by BlinVarfi

Fish & Farm Logo Template

by WheelieMonkey

Shark Wave Logo

by LogoSpot

Goldfish Logo Template

by msl99

Oceanios Logo