The current popularity of vintage and retro designing in the t-shirt world is reminiscent of old times, produces nostalgia and inspires new and old thinking. The use of textures, noise, and lowered opacity levels make the design look tarnished and worn out. You can wear them with skinnies, boyfriend jeans, khaki, shorts and even skirts. So if you are looking for artwork that you would like to use to create your retro and vintage T-shirt design, here are 35 Retro and Vintage T-shirt Design Templates.

by tiarprayoga

Classics Denim T-Shirt

by sweetcreative

7 premium t-shirt template

by swistblnk

Modern Vintage T-Shirt 01

by ideaofart

Authentic Vintage T-Shirt Templates

by Douglast

Skull Rider

by svperkidz

Modern Vintage Template

by gbs

City Marathon Event Premium T-Shirt Template

by barkone

T-shirt Design Template 1

by seniors-templates

Grunge T-shirt design with cross

by bnrcreativelab

T-Shirt Vintage Design

by MV07

3 Typography T-shirt

by inumocca

8 Vintage Photography Tshirt

by getstronghold

Vintage Military Paratrooper Fight T-Shirt

by HEXAtronDesign

Bodybuilder T-shirt Design

by the-sastra

Highway to hell

by kandangpitek

vintage camera club tees

by sukim

3 T-Shirt Illustration - Skull Theme

by scarab13

2 Military Vintage T-Shirt Designs

by maioriz

Academic Tshirt

by racidsquare

Vintage Motorcycles KIT

by blondsjava

Grunge and Vintage MMA T-shirt Theme

by designhatti

3 Quotes Typography T-Shirts

by umadr

Ghost Cafe Rider Biker T-Shirt

by Rossart

T-shirt Design Moto Rider

by overthinking

Classic Premium T-Shirt

by BossTwinsMusic

University T-shirt

by Durro

Nuclear Tomorrow T-shirt design

by DogmaDesign

7 Cupcake Illustration T-Shirt Templates

by FoxWire

Vintage Retro T-shirt

by rautanstudio

Never Go Slow

by ricogwapo

Techno Original T-Shirts

by designer_mahmud

Old School T-Shirt

by H_M

T-Shirt Design Music

by mamanamsai

2 Shooting Army T-Shirt

by SonicCube

Vintage Custom Streetwear T-Shirt Design