Summer months provide the best conditions to go outside, enjoy some fresh air and get heart healthy. It is a time for fun and adventurous activities. If you are going on a sporting holiday with your lads this summer, it would be fun to wear customized shirts that would identify your group or your team. So here are 25 Amazing PSD & EPS Sport T-shirt Design Templates for your summer sporting adventure.


Grunge T-shirt design with bodybuilder

Running athlete

Grunge T-shirt design with running athlete

City Marathon Event

City Marathon Event Premium T-Shirt Template


Grunge basketball T-shirt design

Race & Marathon Running

Race & Marathon Running Shirts


Basketball Tournament T-shirt


Baseball T-Shirt

Archery Jockey Swim Club

Archery Jockey Swim Club T-Shirt Templates

Grunge football

Grunge football T-shirt design


Grunge soccer T-shirt design

Sport Club T-Shirt Templates v3

9 Sport Club T-Shirt Templates v3


Boxing Camp T-Shirt Template

Play Soccer

Play Soccer T-Shirt

Super Gym


Minnesota Cannoneers

Minnesota Cannoneers

Extreme Sport

4 Extreme Sport T-Shirt Designs

Speed Car Tees

Speed Car Tees

American Footbal Tournamet

American Footbal Tournament T-Shirt

Bike Team

Bike Team T-Shirt Template

Tennis Team

Tennis Team Club Tshirt

The Billiard Club

The Billiard Club Shirt

Champion T-Shirt

Champion T-Shirt

Cross Training

Cross Training T-Shirt

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Custom Hunting Club

Custom Hunting Club T-Shirt Design