Whether you want to soften the skin or just simple repair particular areas or discolorations, here are 15 Photoshop Actions For Flawless Skin Retouching that will not only achieve a smooth skin but also will have the control to naturally remove wrinkles and renovate the whole structure of the skin with the skin texture still intact.

by oneeyelab

With this action you can do very fast skin clean-up and softening without loosing any detail. Its very forgiving, not reqire precise masking – you can paint over edges. Its also totally customizable, you can control every detail and get result that fits your taste.

Professional Retouching Actions Kit

by sparklestock

These actions let you retouch portraits in a fraction of the time with only a beginners knowledge of Photoshop. You can mattify, airbrush, and heal skin using the same techniques professionals use.

Skin Retouching Actions

by mudi

Magic Retouch Pro is a plug-in for Photoshop with which you can do professional level of photo retouching without any knowledge of retouching. With Magic Retouch Pro. You can do professional-level retouching, without any retouching knowledge. The plug-in is beautiful and intuitive to work with. Get the results faster by using sliders, instead of actions.

Magic Retouch Pro

by Vsuals

This product was made with great care by professionals who have been working for many years in the field of photography, and who wanted to share some of the best tricks of the trade with the general public.

120+ Actions

by Zeplix

Simply mark out 3 different areas with a brush, and click the addon, and roughly 20-30 seconds later, you’ll have a beautifully retouched photo!

Photo Retouching PSD Action

by zaburi

If you are looking for a simple and fast way to retouch skin images in photoshop this is the simple preset you need. As a photographer I needed a quick way to retouch large areas at once with professional results to save time. This Photoshop action separates the skin and texture into separate layers so the tones can be made even and blemishes reduced. This allows the image to maintain its feel without looking like fake plastic.

Model Skin Retouch

by Phillshaw

This comprehensive suite of filters speeds up your workflow by automating the processes for you, all edits are completely available to manipulate so you can produce a 100% professional edit in a fraction of the time. No need to buy more expensive software, use the tools you know.

Retouch X 4.0 - Commercial Retouching Pack with custom interface panel

by nostromo

Enhance your portraits in seconds. Supported File Format: DNG, TIFF, PSD, CMYK, JPG, RAW.

Perfect Portrait Actions Set

by FD-Design

Ultimate Retouch Tool is a powerful and highly useful Adobe Photoshop utility that was created for easely skin retouching, color and contrast correction. You can get a great results in a few minutes! Watch the video with demonstration of Ultimate Retouch Tool!

Ultimate Retouch Tool Photoshop Filter CS3+

by Aesthetic_art

This sensual set of Photoshop Actions includes 35 individual actions designed for boudoir images. While they may be used with any type of image they weree made to make your boudoir images especially shine! These Photoshop Actions were designed to give you amazing results in just one click.

Boudoir Retouching Photoshop Actions

by savigmusic

Magic Soft Retouch Effect for retouching your photos.This effect is perfect for your everyday projects!.Carefully edited and selected,this effect gives you a great variation for your photos.

Magic Soft Retouch Effect

by Blacklovefly

Beauty retouch adds a hollywood style colors to your images, creates a strong color balance and allows you to create photos as if they from the magazine cover.

Professional Beauty Actions

by IrmuunDesign

Skin is the worlds most advanced skin retouching actions. These actions let you retouch portraits in a fraction of the time with only a beginners knowledge of Photoshop. You can mattify, airbrush, and heal skin using the same techniques professionals use.

Beauty Skin Retouch-Photoshop Action

by FabioDesign_Lab

This action is designed to transform your photo`s into Photoshop Portrait Actions.

Photoshop Portrait Actions

by SixStarStudio

This action set has been developed for photographers and graphic designers. These actions have been engineered for quality and performance.

67 Premium Photoshop Actions