Glow photoshop effects are very popular now a day. You can sometimes see these effects on a posters or advertisements. Glow effects are a great way to enhance your photos, especially portrait shots, and creating them using Photoshop action is easy. So here are 20 Amazing Photoshop Actions that will add beautiful glow effects to your photos.

Light Runner

This action uses advanced Photoshop techniques to trace contours within your photo and add awesome glow effects with one click. Everything remains layered for you to further tweak the look of your design and add more effects.

Light Runner Photoshop Action

Glow Generator

Add instant glows to your images! This download comes with 40 actions with various glow positions and colors. Each action neatly puts all the layers into a color coded folder ready for you to experiment with, you have full control over the position, color, scale and blend mode of each layer.

Glam - 40 Glow Generator Actions

Neon Maker Action Set

It will help you in creating high quality and hi-resolution realistic neon effects. Action works well with any kind of objects such as vector shapes any text and art layers. Also, there is the ability in creating custom neon lines with a pen tool and brush tool using pen tablet or just your mouse.

Neon Maker Action Set

Crystal Ice Photoshop Action

This action quickly transforms your photos into a masterpiece of Crystal ice. Give your photos an artistic edge with this action. Simply open up a photo and click play on the action. Create this highly detailed effect from your photos with little effort at all.

Crystal Ice Photoshop Action

Sci-Fi Photoshop Action

It turns your photos into futuristic Sci-Fi composition. Save hours of work with this action. After action finish the work you get a well-organized and structured file with the many layers, folders and settings to improve the final result.

Sci-Fi Photoshop Action

Dark Fantasy Photoshop Action

Just brush over your photo and play the action. It’s really that simple! All layers are color coded, well named, grouped and organized.

Dark Fantasy Photoshop Action

Energy FX

This is one of the best Photoshop action for energy effects, and it’s very popular.

Energy FX - Electricity Photoshop Action

Galaxy Photoshop Action CS3+

Non destructive effect. Tested and works on pictures with 1000-5000px width images, any resolution.

Galaxy Photoshop Action CS3+


Incredible Photoshop Action Pro with effect of electric lighting. Easy to change color, contrast and gradient of lighting.

Electrum PS Action


Cool action for adding blur and bokeh to your images.

Dream - Photoshop Action

Epic Glow

You simply load up your photo, hit play on the action and see your result! You then have great control over the final look of your design.
Duplicate layers/ folder to add more details.

Epic Glow Photoshop Action


It creates a fascinating and romantic/dramatic effect on your photos. Create a composition with flying petals or a dramatic portrait with sunshine. Second Action gives you the ability to animate effects, but to use it is possible only after the application of a static effect.

Romantic Photoshop Animated Action

Gif Animated Circles

Make sure you are using the English version of Photoshop. Each action has been created to work only with the English version of Photoshop.

Gif Animated Circles Photoshop Action

Inner Combustion

Create beautiful, haunting images with this action, a stepped Photoshop Action that walks you gently through the process of creating an intense magical effect. When complete, your subject’s eyes and mouth will glow with otherworldly flame. Atmospheric effects tie everything together with strands of real magic and charged energy particles.

Inner Combustion I

Light Painting

It will create the modern art with numerous effects such as neon light and glowing, bokeh and stars … combined with the background image such as abstract painting, normal painting, original photo.

Light Painting

Twinkle Gif Animation

Creative multifunctional Photoshop Action convert your images into professional art work within moments. Easy to customise and improve. One click action. Video tutorial below.

Twinkle Gif Animation Photoshop Action

Light Photoshop Creator

This set contains 7 Photoshop actions that will allow you to create light painting effects for your images. The final result has separate layers with all the layer styles intact so that you can customize the light painting effect.

Light Painting Effect Photoshop Creator


Professional Photoshop actions, well-labeled, grouped and easy to modify to suit your need. Action will duplicate the initial layer, thereby leaving your image intact.

QANTA - Neon light glowing Effect Photoshop Actions

Photorealistic Glow Effects

Compare with other plugins and the expensive those plugins are, this cheap enlarge action is stunning! amazing! It’ve saved tons of time and the quality of the unsharp effects is just incredible.

Burst of Light Photoshop Actions - Photorealistic Glow Effects

Hell Fire

Showing a realistic, fire effect in photoshop is a bit tough, but this action will help you to render realistic flames and create a dramatic artwork in few simple and easy steps.

Hell Fire Photoshop Action