Black and white photography offers a unique perspective on many subjects. Removing colour brings out the hidden details, textures, and shapes. So in this post I`ve rounded up 20 Cool Photoshop Actions for creating dramatic black and white images that evoke an emotional response and engage the viewer.

Pinhole Photography

The most accurate B&W key, carefully crafted by a team of award winning photographer with a main focus to bring up the luxury.

Pinhole Photography Ps Actions


A huge Collections of Black & White grading actions presets from Vintage look to modern touch of photography. A simple and beauty presets to speed up your work to produce a world class colour grading technique with just a few click.

Carbonium - Black & White PS Actions

Black & White

Speed up your B&W photo editing workflow with those one-click Photoshop actions. From contrast and saturation adjustments to grain and vignetting, this set of actions is certain to save you time!

Black & White Photoshop Actions


Charcoal is a set of 3 Photoshop actions that give your images a retro/vintage Black and White Look.

Charcoal Action


This action will create 19 differents styles black & white in a few seconds for all your photos. The action is very simple to use, you just had to open the image you want to modify and you start the action.

Blackpearl Action Photoshop

High Key Portrait Photoshop Action

It creates beautiful and bright black and white photos with just one click! All added layers and settings are fully customizable to perfectly suit your needs. The Photoshop Action Guide included in the download explains how to adjust layers and settings.

High Key Portrait Photoshop Action


Only one click to generate the effect. Non-destructive Workflow. Well organized layer and layers are adjustable. You can add grain effect in the photo.

Fashion Black & White


It`s a powerful set of actions for Photoshop. Design with Photographers for Photographers.

PRO Black & White Photographer Actions


To install just double click or drag and drop the actions file on the opened photoshop window.

5 Vintage Black & White Actions

Actions Kit

Simple, strong, and effective black and white photo effects. Eight effects, easy-to-use, perfect for enhancing your photos!

Black & White Photo Actions Kit


The most Complete, Amazing and Professional Black & White FX Collection. 50 Professional & Non destructive Fx’s for Photoshop. Easy, fast and fully customizable. Give a professional touch to your images in just a click.

50PROFX | The Black & White Project Collection


Colorizing black, white and gray is a tricky thing to do, this is a tool for easy, fast and reliable B/W colorization, that will give accurate colorization and professional results.

Smart Black & White Colorization


Black and white photos add a hint of mystery to the composition of the subject. When you see photo images, you tend to focus directly on the subject and maybe not notice the other features of the image that add to the subject.

Heavy Black White Photoshop Actions

Greyscale conversion

Watch the Video Tutorial to see how to use these Actions, and how to achieve a perfect black and white photo depending on how you use these Actions.

Black e White Photo Effects - Greyscale conversion

Double Exposure Action Vol 1

Welcome with this double exposure action make your picture in the best resolution of exposure and take your picture in the abstract way.

Black & White Double Exposure Action Vol 1


A simple black and white conversion is a pretty simple task, but there’s a range of additional tweaks that can generate beautiful tones and enhance the overall mood of the shot.

Faded - Black and White Actions


It comes with 29 Photoshop Actions that are designed to help you transform your photographs into your own signature black and white style. Each action is crafted with you in mind, giving full flexibility to customize every element to create your own look. As always, you have peace of mind knowing our actions run without ever being destructive to your original image.

Monochrome Classic Collection


With this action collection, it`s simple to create your own signature style of black and white photography.

Unapologetic Action Collection

Film Noir

It includes 6 artistic black and white conversion Photoshop actions. Atmospheric and graphic, these actions simulate some features of the finest b&w analog films.

Film Noir B&W Photoshop Actions

B&W Film Emulations

All black and white effects are professionally calibrated to mimic traditional films. You can complete the B&W look with the 8 free film grain textures; they’re seamless and created from real film scans. The amount of grain varies throughout your photo depending on the exposure – just like real film.

Silver - 28 B&W Film Emulations