Bokeh is one the most discussed aspects of photography. Bokeh are simple out of focus light sources. It may be reflection of light as well, from leaves, trees, some, anything. So if you want to create photo with a shallow depth of field and background out of focus, here are 20 Photoshop Actions to create high-quality lens effect, depth of field and bokeh.

Sparkling Color Streak

This action will create Sparkling Color Streak effects in the area you painting on your photos. Apply for fairy dust, mystery photo, birthday, new year, Christmas occasion. After the action has finished rendering, it creates a well organised layer structure.

Sparkling Color Streak


Creating stunning light effects from your photos with this easy to use action!
Every time you run the action you will get a different result, even if you use the same brushed area!

Shimmer Photoshop Action

Double Light

It adds on your photo amazing and realistic double light effect. Action perfect works with portraits or other photos. Action contains 10 color FX. Save hours of work with this action.

Double Light Photoshop Action

Square Potraits

This action is designed using a method for multi language. Treated very carefully in every single step to ensure the scripts can work on any language versions of Photoshop.

Square Potraits Photoshop Action


It turns your selfie photo from the phone or customary photo into a professional picture making with SLR camera, with beautiful bokeh effect. This action also contains 10 color effects to improve your final results.

Bokeh Photoshop Action


They are created in a way that both Photoshop beginners and experts can use, saving you lots of time working on both personal or commercial projects.

Glory Photoshop Action

Lightum PS

Photoshop action Pro with light effects and soft focus of the object on your photo. Highly detailed result, easy to use, customise and improve. One click action.

Lightum PS Action

Aperture Pro

Create an incredible wedding and fashion photography. Add brightness, conviviality, sunshine and happiness. Give chic, luxury and glamour to your pictures. Create amazing greeting card or poster in a few clicks.

Aperture Pro Photoshop Action

Bokeh Textures

The effect you’ve always wanted in a single click!

Bokeh Textures and Actions Vol.1


Create this highly detailed, advanced looking effect from your photos with no work at all. After you play the action You got full layer control, you can easy create more dust parts by duplicating a layer or the whole group, or simply remove some dust part that you dont like, by hiding the layer!

LensDust Photoshop Action


It will transform your photos and create a complex animated scene containing multiple static layers and 6 animated layers (4 smoke elements and 2 sparks elements).

Battlefield - Animated Photoshop Action


The action will only work in the english version of photoshop.

Glitters Photoshop Action

Burst Lighting

It creates an amazing effect, helpful for your designs, unlimited creatively. Easy to use, fully editable layers, well organized layers, only a few step to get this effects.

Burst Lighting

Advanced Soft Focus

Do not spend lots of time trying to create this effect manually, get it done in seconds with only a few clicks.Simply open up a photo and click play on the action. Create this highly detailed effect from your photos with little effort at all.

Advanced Soft Focus Photoshop Action


Professionally creates high-quality lens effect, depth of field to any Photo.

Sparkle Action


Create epic scenes on your photos with only a few clicks! The action has been tested and working on almost all of Photoshop versions.

Epical Photoshop Action

Magicum PS

Highly detailed result, easy to use, customise and improve. One click action. Two versions of action in one.

Magicum PS Action


It adds glamour, style, bokeh and a vintage yet modern feel/tone to your images. What`s better is that each action is edible. Every layer is editable meaning you could customize it as far and as much as you want. Your options are endless.

Leaked Photoshop Actions Series One

Lens FX

Create an incredible wedding and fashion photography. Add brightness, conviviality, sunshine and happiness.

Lens FX

Gif Animated Circles

Each action comes with a detailed video tutorial showing you about how each layer affects the design and how you can make customisations to it.

Gif Animated Circles Photoshop Action