Here are 20 amazing Photoshop actions that will turn your image into artistic illustrations with the click of a button, allowing you to easily create stunning effects.

by Eugene-design

It turns your photo into realistic Pencil Sketch. Action perfect works with portraits or other photos. It contains 10 color FX.

Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action

by demustang

Typo Portrait Pro is a Photoshop Action to convert your simple image to Typographic master piece. Results are very professional with minimal user interactions.

Typo Portrait Pro Photoshop Action

by mrcharlesbrown

An amazing realistic rough sketch image action. This package traces the edges/lines of your artwork and extracts them from the background and transforms the lines into an artistic hand drawing.

Pure Art Hand Drawing 6 – Graphite Pencil Sketch

by Pasulukha

If you like watercolors painting but not much time to paint, please use the Watercolor & Sketch Painting Photoshop Action to convert your photos into paintings very quickly.

Watercolor and Sketch painting

by ShinyPixel

Smart Painting Effect is a Photoshop plug-in that converts your photo in beautiful and realistic painting. Just run the action and watch your drawing come to life!

Smart Painting Effect - Photoshop Action

by nostromo

It takes your photo and converts it into a cartoon or comic-like illustration.

Cartoon Photoshop Action

by Artorius

It is a Photoshop action that will create stunning ink portraits fragmented in water from your images. The action works on the areas you have brushed over your desired photo, creating unique and spectacular ink in water and dispersion/disintegration effects in seconds. It’s like you subject has exploded into a burst of color, revealing inner parts. This elegant effect can be used from academic displays to professional sports presentations to personal portrait awesomeness.

Hypnotize - Ink in Water Photoshop Action

by kevinhamil

These Photoshop pencil sketch actions convert photos to stunning pencil sketches or color pencil sketches with just a click. Great for both web and print.

Pencil Sketch Pro

by GorynArt

Perfect for magazines, interior, photo albums, flyers, posters and covers! Very flexible, automatic highlights/midtones/shadows detection, easy to use, and have huge possibilities

Collage Art Photoshop Action

by sevenstyles

Create advanced looking designs from your photos with the click of a mouse. Don’t spend hours trying to create this effect – get it done in a few minutes. Just brush over your photo where you want to apply the effect and click play.

Canvas Photoshop Action

by BlackNull

Recreate the legendary superimposition technique with your photos, images or artwork using this awesome action!

Advanced Double Exposure - Photoshop Action

by profactions

Professional multifunctional artistic action transform your photos into watercolor impressive artworks with a lot of elements and options to customise and improve. Highly detailed result, a lot of possibilities.

Perfectum 2 - Watercolor Artist Photoshop Action

by Zeplix

This action not only creates a sketchy hand drawn effect on your photos, it also creates the paper texture needed for the effect itself!

Photograph to Sketch Art - Photoshop Action

by sodasong

This Photoshop action will transform your photos into impressionist painted look with only 1 click.

DigiPaint - Impressionist Painting Effect

by iconFactory

This Action is designed to transform your photo’s into sketch look.

Clean Sketch - Photoshop Action

by mixmedia87

Illustration Action Pack.

Illustration Action Pack

by UnicDesign

Each action will create well organized layer structure, where each layer and folder are named appropriately and color coded to create a clean working environment for you. Besides that, each action comes with a highly detailed video tutorial teaching you about how each layer affects the design and how can you customize it.

MultiArt Photoshop Action

by Hemalaya1

Double Exposure Action.

Double Exposure Action

by Lil_Bro

Set of 8 action to create an abstract low poly geometric effect.

Abstract Low Poly Photoshop Action Pack

by rojdark

Create this highly detailed effect from your photos with little effort at all.

Architecture Sketch Art Photoshop Action