Photoshop brushes can be a great time saver when creating digital effects or adding elements to your design. So here are 35 best Photoshop Brushes that allow you to create detailed effects and designs without having to draw every individual elements.

Halftone Illustration

Nothing gives your artwork a vintage, screen printed, look like halftone patterns. Now you can add them quickly and easily using this handy set of brushes for Photoshop. Created to use in illustrations. The set includes: 8 Halftone Artist Brushes These brushes allow you to paint where you would like your halftone shading to appear. 32 Halftone Line and Dot Stamp Brushes Simply select a brush and click where you want the halftone pattern to appear.

40 Halftone Illustration Brushes for Photoshop


Play with ease using triangular / polygon brushes in your graphic / print / web project! These brushes are compatible with old Photoshop 7, all CS versions (CS – CS6) and newest CC. You can reach realistic effects using different Blending Modes in Photoshop. Great for making: abstract, artistic photo / image templates or frames, t-shirt designs, modern abstract website templates, skateboard decks, posters, business cards, brochures. Useful for a clothes (tshirt etc.) design, club & disco posters.

30 Low-Poly / Polygonal / Geometrical Photoshop Brushes


Brilliant choice for any art & design pencil-like sketching with your stylus and your Photoshop. Both .ABR and .TPL brush format files included.

Pencil Brushes

Water Drop

All about water. Water drops, ripple effects in the water, water spils. Hope they will help create some cool effects to use in your design projects.

Water Drop Brushes


We know about vector brush problems, and we know that raster brushes roughness. Being Raster brushes for photoshop, This ink set have perfect contours as vector brushes, and handy in use as raster ones!

Ink Brushes


Contains contour brushes, fill brushes, rough dry, wet and dissolve fx. Complete set with all desired brushes allows you represent your ideas in watercolor technic with fastest and flexible way! Watercolor… It is the fastest way to shade illustration or concept sketch. Everybody know this simple and lovely technic. But being fast and visually effective real Wash and Watercolor technique could require much experience from those who just start. Different brushes, different absorption wet spot usage. Now you could use all advantages of watercolor painting, with minimum efforts from yourself.

Watercolor Brushes

Oil Brushes

In this pack you will get artistic oil brushes emulation for a nice oil-style painting. Compact and well-combined set will give you the opportunity to try your hand with oil painting right now using just a stylus. Rich wide-range dynamics, different types of brushes (bristle, soft, highlight) also supplemented by special mix brushes that will allow you to mix colors different technique styles (blade mover, and few bristles).

Oil Brushes

Floral Watercolor

This is a set of watercolor high resolution stamp brushes for Photoshop. The set includes leaves, branches, grass, flowers, ribbons, banners, watercolor textures, different objects, swirls and splatters. All brushes are hand painted with watercolors. You can easily pick up any color and create endless designs with these brushes.

Floral Watercolor PS Stamp Brushes

Massive Smoke Brushes

Beef up your arsenal of resources with these Sets of Smoke Photoshop Brushes that may come in handy for your next project. Download now and enjoy!

Massive Smoke Brushes Resource Kit

Cloud Brushes

Painting a realistic sky in Photoshop has become a lot easier with the use of Photoshop brushes. From colorful to smoky to dark sky, there are plenty of clouds Photoshop brushes to choose from. Varieties also include different cloud forms and types from cumulus to cirrus to nimbus. And what’s more interesting is that, you can get these high quality Photoshop brushes.

Cloud Brushes

Real Fireball Brush Resource Kit

Download 30 Unique Photoshop Fireball Brushes Created from photos of real fire, no simulations or renderings. Step-by-step instructions file included for installing the brushes.

Real Fireball Brush Resource Kit

Awesome Watercolor Splatter Paint

It is a collection for modern, artistic designs with various painted dirts, grungy style watercolor & other trails from paint.

Awesome Watercolor Splatter Paint Photoshop Brushes

Pro Rendering Fur Brushes

Aren’t you tired yet of all the average texture brushes all over the internet? I come to you with the perfect solution to your projects. Here I introduce you to the first complete package for Fur and Hair. Forged especially this brushes for you in the best way possible so you can create realistic hi definition artworks with a set of tools that behaves like real brushes and you don’t just have to click all over the canvas. Each and every single component of this package was made after an ample study on how the real fur and hair looks so it could be used to provide only premium quality results in your personal way, offering you the possibility to use them accordingly to your style.

Pro Rendering Fur Brushes + Actions Package

30 Glass Shatter

This is a set of 30 high resolution brushes can be used to make project more realistic.

30 Glass Shatter Brushes

Bokeh Lights

Easily add bokeh to your photos with these free Bokeh Photoshop brushes!

Bokeh Lights Brushes

Digital Brushes

Great choice for any art and design assistance with your stylus in your Photoshop!

Digital Brushes

Watercolor Splash

This collection contains 21 hand painted watercolor splashes and 21 brushes for Photoshop. Each brush has different size: from 1000 px to 5000 px.

Watercolor Splash Brushes


Ever wanted to feature your items, works or projects and ends up with a messy layout full of boring stuff? These days are over now! With this huge 75 Sunbursts pack you will get an Instant feature for your elements, shapes, or simple backgrounds.

Instant Featured - 75 Sunbursts

75 Photoshop Brushes Watercolor

It’s one of best watercolour brushes, it responds to stylus pressure, has a wet watery edge and a lot of rich real watercolor texture.

75 Photoshop Brushes Watercolor Collection

Art Paint Brushes

Art Paint Effect PS Brushes Collection. 27 hi-res brushes from 1426 to 4367 px, 300dpi, abr Photoshop CS6+ file.

Art Paint Brushes


To get this Photoshop brushes set that you want, simply click on the preview image and it will take you to the source page where you may download the brush set.

Real Raindrop Photoshop Brush Kit

InkBrush 4

A set of 15 high quality InkBrush brushes (up to 4900 px resolution).

InkBrush 4

Soft Long Hi-Res Watercolour Strokes

12 hi-res watercolour strokes the best way to use Photoshop to add authentic watercolour effects to your designs. The brush can be used in various ways from creating unique backgrounds to even print work.

Soft Long Hi-Res Watercolour Strokes

Watercolor Round & Rectangular

This collection contains 26 hand painted watercolor brushes for Photoshop: 10 round and 16 rectangular.

Watercolor Round & Rectangular Brushes


The Layerform Particle Brushes are a great addition to any designer’s toolset, and include 30 painstakingly crafted Particle Effect Brushes that can be used to create cool displacement effects as seen in the preview images.

30 Particle Brushes

Retro Sunbursts

These hi-res, HD, sun burst brushes will give you that Hollywood ball-of-fire-in-the-desert-sky look, or big stars for sci-fi scenes.

Instant Featured - 77 Retro Sunbursts

Palm Finger Print

This is a big help when you need to add some mystery to your design or simply put some dirty finger marks on something.

Palm Finger Print PS Brush

Ink Smudge

The ink smudge brushes are perfect for any kind of action, paint, watercolor paint, artistic photos and many other places.

Ink Smudge Brushes

Optical Flare Ray Beam Lens Glare

This is set of huge high resolution 455 optical flare brushes that can be used to make any project realistic.

455 Optical Flare Ray Beam Lens Glare Brushes

18 Color Splashed Brushes

The color splashed brushes are perfect for any kind of action, paint, watercolor paint, artistic photos and many other places.

18 Color Splashed Brushes

Vintage Brushes Set

You can use it on simple text, shapes and vector logo. You just need to install the brushes and choose one of the 50 included in the pack. Create a great poster or flyer, a facebook cover, a magazine title or a website banner and give them the vintage touch.

50 Vintage Brushes Set

Splatters, Smudges & Splashes

It is a collection for modern, artistic designs with various painted dirts, grungy style watercolor & other trails from paint. ABR File included.

55 Splatters, Smudges & Splashes Photoshop Brushes


Collection of creative scans helping you create modern urban look of your designs.

Graffiti Brushes

Coffee Stain

A large package of highres coffee cup stains. Ideal for adding some grunge to your website or newsletter.

Coffee Stain Brushes

Abstraktt Shapes V2

This is a collection of some Smokey Lines or Random Lines or just Abstract Brushes for your upcoming projects, it is easy to use & you have so many possibilities.

Abstraktt Shapes V2