Just like Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets are a crucial tool for photographers quickly editing large volumes of work. So in this post We`ve hand curated 40 Useful Lightroom Presets that you can download and use to improve your photos. Whether you like to shoot nature, urban, beauty, kids, portraits, or just about any other style of photography, chances are you`ll find a preset in the list below that suits your needs.

by ShinyPixel

Best presets to cross-process your photos using Adobe Lightroom.

Cross Processing - 25 Lightroom Presets

by Temaphoto

Presets for different situations, portrait, city building, street, sunset and etc.

Night Photo Lightroom Presets

by HubaFilter

It is the first pack of professional Lightroom Presets perfect for photographers and graphic designers. All they have been created with precise calibration adjustments and clean arrangement to bring your images to life using powerful tools & professional methods.

19 Lifestyle Film Lightroom Presets & Camera Raw

by adrianpelletier

Night Sky Lightroom Presets includes 11 unique presets that are ideal for processing the Milky Way and other starry photos.

Night Sky Lightroom Presets


Get a moody look on your images fast. Now you don`t need to spend hours in Lightroom, with amazing light enhancement and unique color renditions our preset will let you express your style confidently and with minimal effort. Speed up your workflow and achieve awesome outcomes!

30 Teal & Orange Lightroom Presets

by Presetworks

These Editorial Lightroom Presets are great for every type of photographer, be it a blogging king or queen, student, full time photographer and even an in-house photographer for Vouge.

The Editorial Collection v2

by FabioDesign_Lab

This pack is very creative lightroom pack. Every preset work properly. No destroy preset included in the pack. This preset work with any photos.

30 Pro Portrait Lr Preset

by ArcticBlue

This set of three images based items is ideal for professional publishing, publications, fashion, portfolios or a mirage of client work.

Save Money! Get 154 Lightroom Presets for $10

Lightroom Bundle

by Presetrain

It is a must-have collection of professional presets for food photographers, wedding photographers, food bloggers or small business owners. Whether you are a pro or an amateur, FoodKit presets for Lightroom & Camera Raw will power up your workflow and help you achieve fast results out of the box.

FoodKit - 42 Food Presets for Lightroom & ACR

by LrFlare-LRF

These presets are exclusively designed to enhance & upgrade your images to the next level. These presets are fully compatible with Lightroom 5 and 6 & CC, can be used by everyone who has a basic lightroom experience. In many instances you will be able to get a great result with a single click. However, you can always make adjustments to suit individual photos.

10 Pure Wedding Lightroom Presets

by WeltonArruda_

Rose Gold Lightrom Preset was created to bring a beautiful and gentle tonalization to your photos, works very well with portraits with a more washed colorization to bring a vintage air, converts green tones to rosy orange and surprises in the results.

Rose Gold Lightrom Preset

by PresentationGuru

Film Look Portraits is a collection of 25 film presets in one package representing the most recognized films of Our Time. Based on research and precise measurements of real films this collection gives you a superior pro tool to simulate look and feel of your favorite films in Lightroom just in one click.

Film Look Lightroom Presets

by Kitket

Unspoilt Portrait Lightroom Presets pack is very professional pack. Every preset work properly. No destroy preset included in the pack. This presets work with any photos.

Unspoilt Portrait Lightroom Preset

by Riddy

Presets for different situations , sunny , street , food, fashion, traveling to make your summer even more vivid and memorable.

I'm Blogger - 50 Lightroom Presets

by zvolia

This professional presets which are designed to be used with landscape photos. They have been tested on different photos and work very well. The adjustments are very smart, so it works well from Lightroom 3.x to CC, the effect will be the same. You can also use these presets with any photo they also could be described as multipurpose.

12 Pro Landscape Presets

by h_s

It is the pack of professional Lightroom Presets perfect for new and old portrait photographers and graphic designers. All they have been created with precise calibration adjustments and clean arrangement to bring your images to life using powerful tools & professional methods.

15 Portrait Adjustment Lighhtroom Presets

by Rtvrecords

This is a comprehensive suite of Lightroom Presets, designed to drastically improve workflows for processing and editing wedding photos.

Wedding Premium Lightroom Presets

by JJFarquitectos

It is a professionally done bundle of Adobe Lightroom Presets created to emulate the cinematic style. They give to the images a combination of color saturation, depth, brightness and high sharpness, giving your photographs a professional look. These presets work great with landscapes, urban, travel photography and lifestyles.

Cinematic Vibes Lightroom Presets. Vol 1

by Nick-Asphodel

Designed to Create Mood My Lightroom Presets are specifically designed to create a certain tone and style within your images. With the click of a button, you can have a stylized image that evokes an emotional response from viewers.

Moody Tones - Lightroom Presets

by The_Presets

It is a collection of presets for Adobe Lightroom that helps photographers to make their shots unique and attention-grabbing! It contains several mouse-made & professionally designed presets. Cinematic presets is something you should use in order to make a photo feel more trendy and classy.

45 Cine RGB Lightroom Presets

by dshukin1

These presets will help you add natural, clean colors to your landscape and adventure photography work, as well as clean up and add moody tones to your portraits!

30 Travel & Adventure Presets

by SegaFrate

A pack of 11 premium lightroom presets to quickly process your work that gives you a fresh vintage feeling. They can be modified to give you endless possibilities of looks.

11 Premium Portrait One Lightroom Presets

by MS-Creation

This is an awesome Lightroom Preset That will Improve your images with professional quality and make them softer and smother. It will reduce all noise and spot from images.

Skin Retouch Lightroom Preset

by WedoARTS

This pack, that includes 20 beautiful cinema exclusive presets, will enhance your photos with tons of different adjustments. Clean or artistic, subtle or dramatic, modern or vintage, B&W or colorful and luminous contrasty effect with these professional presets for Adobe Lightroom you`ll make interesting any digital image with minimal effort.

20 Pro Cinema Lightroom Presets

by Straightdesign

Get your Portrait into gorgeous & different kinds of Monochromatic look with this pack. These package is specially developed for Portrait Photography. The best thing is you can customize the effects to exactly what you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Mono Portrait Lightroom Presets

by Dogukan_Cetin

This is a Adobe Lightroom preset made to pop out blue and orange tones best used in sunset photographs. When applying the preset, you`ll need to adjust your temperature and exposure settings to best match YOUR photograph.

Blue/Orange Vibrant Sunset

by Lechham

Inside this pack a variety of presets to fit any theme or style, with different tones and moods. Get the desired results with only a simple click and speed up your workflow.  

50 Premium Lightroom Presets

by creativewhoa

Matte Tone is a collection of presets for Adobe Photoshop Action, Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw & Adobe Lightroom Presets that help photographers to make their photos unique and attention-grabbing. This beautiful collection includes actions ranging from soft and moody Color conversions to a Velvety Matte color finish. This collection includes 10 Matte filters and it makes your photos awesome and it`s easy to use action set.

Matte Tone Filter Lightroom Presets

by evolysdigital

Portrait photography can be tricky, especially if you really need to get the color, contrasts, shadows and even the quality of the final images right. This is why these lightroom presets Delight your eyes with vivid tones, adjusted highlights and flawless skin while enhancing the detail at critical points in each of your images. These Lightroom presets have been carefully crafted to turn your images into amazing shots with a fast and easy professional approach.

35 Professional Portrait Lightroom Presets

by beart-presets

Efficient and creative editing Premium Lightroom Presets Collection, allow you to make your post-production changes quickly and easily.

50 Dream Lightroom Presets

by goldpresets

These Lightroom & Camera Raw presets will enhance the look of your images by adding clean and unique colours and tones. Each of the presets in Gold Set have been lovingly researched to ensure your photos look instantly great.

50 Gold Lightroom & Camera Raw Presets

by daanjansen_

These Lightroom Presets will help you boost the skies, give them warm tones and fade the shadows in your photography.

5 Premium Lightroom Presets. Moody Skies and Warm Vibes

by super_shine

This is the perfect chance, to try Lightroom Presets and find new inspiration.

Urban Preset Lightroom

by Slava_Smelovsky

These presets looks best on outdoor photoshoots, portraits and creative images. Each preset has been designed by a professional photographer to look great with a wide variety of images from smartphones or DSLR cameras .

20 Portraits Lightroom Presets

by pixelspic

This presets will compare between the image color environment& the object ( which one include your selected image ) color, it`ll make perfect your work.

20 Fashion Lightroom Presets

by sparklestock

This enormous bundle of presets give you the popular blockbuster color grading in just one click.

Orange Teal Lightroom Presets and LUTs

by akibshaon

Don`t hesitate to download this product because it`s really magical, powerful, creative and easy to use. Foodography lightroom presets, currently includes 42 high quality Lightroom presets.

Foodography Lightroom Presets


All they have been created with precise calibration adjustmentsand clean arrangement to bring your images to life using powerful tools.

Lightroom Presets


It`s a must-have for any digital artist – photographer, graphic or web designer and scrapbooker alike. With this is professional pack you may turn your ordinary photos into extraordinary images.

30 Real Estate Hdr Presets

by Filterlab

This pack contain 15 professional presets to enhance travel, portrait, landscape and nature photography work. These presets will help you out in all types of lighting conditions. Each preset gives your photo a moody look with faded shadows. It will speed up your editing workflow as well and ensure the best eye catching pictures ever.

LAB-ONE Lightroom Presets Collection | FilterLab