A mockup is a realistic representation of what the product will look like. So here are 30 PSD Business Card Mockup Templates that help you create fantastic mockups to promote your business card designs.

by bulbfish

High quality, fantastically realistic, unique and useful mockups pack with many awesome features. The greatest way to present your creative business cards design!


by Web-Craft

Impress clients with these realistic business card mocks. See how your design looks before actually printing it! An amazing way to showcase your work!

Photorealistic Business Card Mockup Round Corners

by Clevery

This mockup works via Smart Objects. So it is very easy in use. Just place your design into the Smart Object, and all changes will be reflected in a main psd file.

Photorealistic Business Card Mockup Black & White

by GiorgioVoulioti

Showcase your business cards with style! Easily replace cards design & background texture or color with your artwork by using Adobe Photoshop. With smart object functions, actions and this premium mock-up designed by Giorgio Voulioti, you can simply transform your 2D design into a photo-realistic 3D presentation in a matter of seconds!

Premium Business Cards Mock-Ups

by kotulsky

The best solution for presentation of your business card. Just click Copy-Paste, and your business card will be presented.

Realistic Business Card Mockup

by vitalzigns

These mockups are made for presentations to clients and designers portfolios. These high resolution mockups are ideal for close-ups and previews of your work. Use these square business card mockups to show off your professional portfolio.

Square Business Card Mockups Vol. 1

by Fateh_Zid

This mock-up set is great for close-up business cards previews. save your time and amaze your clients with some realistic previews.

Transparent Business Card Mockup

by aceboy

All you have to do is copy and paste. Your flat graphic files turn into 3D printed simulation. Best for print preview and advertising.

Business Card Mock-up

by Mock-Up-Militia

Designed to take the labour, not the love out of your next design mission! This high-quality, high-resolution sleek and beautifully designed, 45mm x90mm with 6mm rounded corner business card mock-up template with six different awesome and dramatic scenes is a must-have for anyone wanting to set up a photo-realistic 3-Dimensional product presentation in minutes.

Rounded Corners Business Card Mock-Up | Stack V2

by amris

High quality 5 photorealistic business card mockups with a vintage feel.

Business Card Mockup

by obo

Easily add your design with a few simple steps. Even you can customize the background colors or add your own background without worry about the perspective.

Realistic Business Card Mock-Ups

by bulbfish

High quality, fantastically realistic, unique and useful mockups pack with many awesome features. The greatest way to present your creative business cards design!

Business Cards Mock-Ups Pack Vol. 1

by xdkd

Showcase your design in a professional manner. Design Template is 600 dpi, ultra high resolution of 3200×2400 allows you to crop freely with maximum quality.

Photorealistic Business Card Mockup Template

by CarlosViloria2

This is the best way to display your corporate design and win some jobs. With a simple drag and drop on the smart object, your design will be showed in a very realistic way.

Business Card Mockup 05

by Thomascullen92

Comes with 10 separate psd files that use Smart Object layers to import your business card design. Simply open the smart object layer and paste in you card design and save to see you design in an incredible photo realistic mock up!

10 Photo Realistic Business Card Mockups

by jsternig

This 300 dpi PhotoShop file allows users to quickly and easily render 3D scenes of standard 3.5 inch x 2 inch business cards horizontally with just a few clicks. It includes presets for black, white, or transparent backgrounds for a variety of uses.

Horizontal Business Card 3D Rendering

by xs-exes

Create a realistic display for your business cards in few seconds. This PSD file uses the Smart-Object feature, so you can replace mockup content easily and quickly.

Photorealistic Business Card Mockup

by cazoobi

This pack includes 2 hi-res 3800×2600 300dpi PSD templates that are created using hi-res photography and smart object technology. These templates have 2x hand holding styles and 5x smart object card styles giving you a total of 10 different template layouts to display your business card designs.

Business Card Display Templates - Hi Res

by stefusilviu

You can use all these mockups to present your designs in a better artistic way. Also you can use these mockups for your logo previews to show how the logo looks on a printed card.

15 Realistic Business Card Mockups

by DeusKaos

You have designed a business card and want to impress your client or friend? With this Business Card Mockup you can create a photorealistic preview effect!

Photo Realistic Business Card Mockups

by MatrixPixel

Create a realistic display for your business cards in few seconds. This PSD file uses the Smart-Object feature, so you can replace mockup content easily and quickly. Perfect for enhance your business or any work which needs an elegant presentation.

Photorealstic Business Card Mockup

by NeWave

Mock-up for an edge painted 84×55mm business card. Clean and sleek layout. Different background options, including the light table. Everything can be accessed through smart objects so editing the file is very easy. You can change the colors paste in your own designs and click through the different visualisations with a few clicks.

Edge Painted Business Card Mock-up

by mpodlasek

It is not a 3d recreated scene with artificial shadows – the basis of this set was a professional photoshoot with advanced lightning.

Branding / Business Cards Mock-Up

by KloCo

Excellent to make your unusual projects in a very visually appealing way. In fact, there is almost no restrictions as to shape of your design.

Any Shape Business Card Mockups


This is a great new way to show off your latest business card. Simply place your card over the template and your card instantly looks asthough it is being held by someone. This way, clients and buyers can see a photorealistic image of what your amazing product will looks like when its printed.

A beautiful Business Card template

by traint

This mockup help beautifully and stylishly submit your work to the client and will simply look beautiful on your website or portfolio.

Any Form Business Card MockUp Vol.1

by horov

Photorealistic business card with golden edges, letterpress effect and changeable reflection based on your artwork .

Gold Edge Letterpress Bcard Mock-up

by raduluchian

Photoshop mock-ups to showcase your business card designs. You can use them to present the designs to your client or simply to show them off in your portfolio. Vertical or horizontal designs? How about both! You get a PSD file for each orientation and you can quicly change the background from any of the five popular ones included in the PSD files or even add your own.

2 Business Card Showcase Mock-ups

by kulamoku

Here are 3 crystal clear business card PSD mockups created from actual photographs. Black mockups are hard to find, and these are incredibly realistic and clear. The natural background and overall realism of the setting makes for a great layout that will convince your clients. This is an indispensable tool in in your mockup collection!

3 Black Business Card Mockups

by elitivia

A high quality business card mock-up suitable for web and print. The file is extremely easy to edit. Just double click the smart object, copy and paste your artwork and save it!

Elitivia Triple Bcard Mock-Up Black Style

by aykutfiliz

7 Photorealistic high quality mockups of business cards.

Black Business Card Mockup